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The Pope’s Answer To 1000 Kids Raped By Priests Is ‘No Comment’

What? No comment? The Vatican is usually quite outspoken about human rights issues.

And this is not just a criminal matter, but an issue of human rights. These children are being raped — violated at the most intimate of levels. They cannot give consent. They were abused by people in authority in the most horrific way.

Ask the Pope about rampant sexual abuse of children at the hands of priests and you get nada.

The Vatican is fine opining on President Trump’s handling of the Obama-era immigration policy that separated children from their alleged families when crossing the border illegally.

If you ask the Trump administration, they’ll tell you that:

A) They’re just enforcing the law on the books,


B) The policy was there to protect children from human traffickers.

Maybe it’s that second reason that the Vatican is silent. Children were literally trafficked in Pennsylvania.

ClashDaily covered the horrific abuse story here:

300+ Priests Sexually Assaulted 1000+ Kids And The Catholic Church Covered It Up

The Pope made an appearance at the window overlooking St. Peter’s Square and blessed the crowd that had gathered to celebrate theAssumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. He addressed the crowd and spoke about saints, heaven, and prayed for the victims of the bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy. But there were other victims that he simply ignored.

But the pope didn’t mention the latest horrific news revealed about his church: that a Pennsylvania grand jury had just handed down a damning 1,356-page account of rampant abuse that involved 1,000 kids, 300 priests, and 70 years of silence. “We, the members of this grand jury, need you to hear this,” the report began. But there was no sign Wednesday that Pope Francis was listening. He offered no prayer for the victims of his own churchmen who have been suffocated under a veil of complicity and shame for decades.

The report of the abuse that these children suffered at the hands of Catholic priests can accurately be described as hellish.

The abuse included the use of whips, violence, sadism, and forced abortions on those girls that got pregnant by the priests.


The Pennsylvania report outlines decades of violent abuse against both boys and girls. When some of those girls got pregnant by their priests, they were forced to have abortions. Alcohol was often used to prime the victims who were humiliated and made to feel guilty for their predators’ sins.

One little boy named George was even made to act out the Crucifixion in the nude while priests took Polaroid pictures they later passed around in the era before digital photographs and online pedo-pornography.

“The group of priests used whips, violence, and sadism in raping their victims,” the report states. Truly, the Marquis de Sade would have felt right at home among Pennsylvania’s Catholic priests.

Some of the children were given gold crosses — not as a symbol of their faith, but as a signal to other sick priests that they had been groomed for abuse and were ripe for the picking. In other words, they marked their prey for other predators.

If that isn’t a subtle form of human trafficking, what exactly is?

They shared pornographic images of children.

They whipped them.

Boys forced to perform oral sex on priests were given holy water to rinse out their mouths to ‘purify’ them.

It. Is. Sick.

The continuing torrent of accusations all over the world of Catholic priests abusing children hasn’t slowed in decades. This case in Pennsylvania is rather unique in the scale and the close ties to the Vatican.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of the Washington D.C. diocese, is a man many thought could one day be pope. But he is named in the grand jury report specifically for his role moving some of the 300 pervert priests to new parishes when he was a bishop in Pittsburgh from 1998 to 2006. It notes that nearly 100 of the priests in the grand jury report were in Pittsburgh during Wuerl’s tenure there.

Although Wuerl is not specifically accused of abusing children, and the report does point out occasions when he stopped some abusive priests, there are far more allegations about his tendency to relocate predatory priests. If true, that means he enabled those clerics to continue to seek out and sexually assault innocent children.

ClashDaily posted an interview with one bold Catholic priest who is actually willing to discuss the sex abuse scandal.

Gutsy Catholic Priest Speaks Bluntly About Church Sex Abuse Scandal

Other Catholics are speaking out as well.

They don’t like the protection of priests, either.

Marie Collins, a victim of clerical sexual abuse from Ireland who had been a member of Pope Francis’ Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors—and who resigned last year after three years on the commission over the pope’s “lack of action” to protect children—said the problem is a question of semantics.

She tweeted after the Pennsylvania report came out. “It’s not just America but the entire Catholic Church needs to examine itself,” she told The Daily Beast, reflecting a Twitter tirade she has been on since the report came out. “They need to examine the internal culture which allows an unholy attitude of ‘hear nothing,’ ‘see nothing,’ and ‘say nothing’ to thrive.”

Source: Daily Beast

Collins also tweeted, ‘As long as any bishop still looks at a priest’s sexual abuse of a child as a “sin” rather than a “crime” nothing will change.’

Why can’t we see it as both?

Why doesn’t the Catholic church treat it as both?

Maybe it’s people like Mary Collins that can bring about much-needed change in the Catholic church.

Someone needs to do it.

Because the Vatican’s silence on this issue is deafening.

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