Tommy Robinson Is Once Again A Free Man — Well, More Or Less

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2018

When London’s rabid left was busy protesting the ‘horror’ of Trump’s visit, the right was protesting for a free press.

One side floated a silly orange baby balloon. The others demanded the release of an imprisoned journalist.

Who do you think really cares about the important issues?

Tommy Robinson — as he’s known online — was trying to shed a light on heinous crimes that the British Press has been ridiculously reluctant to report on.

He wasn’t just a hobbyist, either. He has, in the past, been working with a known ‘new media’ Conservative news outlet based in Canada, ‘Rebel News’.

What story was he covering? A network of sexual predators who systematically targeted teenage girls over an extended period of time.

Even LAW ENFORCEMENT was afraid to pursue this, for fear of being labeled ‘racist’. Why? Because there was a very specific common denominator among most of the offenders.

Hint: think ‘religion of peace’.

And when Tommy Robinson tried to report on it, and live stream footage of the accused entering or leaving court he was arrested and thrown — not in jail — but in solitary confinement for ‘contempt of court’.

Here at Clash, his story caught our attention early on. Why wouldn’t it? Whatever your opinion of his Tommy’s ‘controversial’ confrontational methods, he took a stand for victims (women who had been sexually abused, no less!) in a nation that’s gradually ceding its own citizen freedoms in favor of political correctness.

This story was important to us, because, contrary to all the self-important preening by Jim Acosta, we care about journalistic freedom. We just wish the ‘established’ media demonstrated more ACTUAL freedom, and less lockstep partisan agreement.

We covered the issue of ‘rape gangs’ itself, the one Tommy Robinson was trying to raise public awareness of…

We covered the original arrest, where cops busted into his home in the middle of the night.

We covered the international outcry that shamed British news outlets into reporting the story.

We covered his more recent arrest, where he was carried away by cops and thrown directly into jail for filming at the courthouse… and called out ‘Mainstream’ journalists on their complicit silence.

We covered his trial.

So what is his status now?

Tommy Robinson no longer has to languish in solitary being cut off from even his own family members as he awaits his day in court for the actual charges he faces.

He has been released from prison.


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