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Trump Cancels Parade Because Of Insane Costs – Wants To Buy More Jet Fighters Instead

President Trump’s military parade is on hold for now, and his reason is a damn good one.

When he first floated the idea of a military parade, he was mocked by the Free and Independent Press™ with a cry of warning that it would be the end of democracy. In unison, they said that a military parade was patently unAmerican and sounded like something that they do in dictatorships like North Korea.

They didn’t happen to mention that France is not a dictatorship held by a nefarious leader with an iron fist. That’s actually where President Trump was inspired to hold the military parade because of the wonderful Bastille Day celebrations.

But hey, that’s just the facts, and I’m not a member of the Media (D).

As the planning began, the costs started to soar.

The Pentagon and White House announced they would delay a military parade requested by President Trump, as the latest estimates put its costs at more than $90 million and the administration and military officials struggled to agree on what it should look like.

The target date for the event had been Nov. 10, but Department of Defense and White House officials “have now agreed to explore opportunities in 2019,” Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning said in a statement Thursday night.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The President tweeted about the decision early this morning and floated another idea — buy more jets!

What do you think?

This President is proud of the members of our military and wants to honor them properly.

He also respects the American taxpayer.

What a Patriot.

Remembering that the government is ‘Of the People, By the People, and For the People’ is what is Making America Great Again!

I’m absolutely loving this President!

K. Walker

ClashDaily's Associate Editor since August 2016. Self-described political junkie, anti-Third Wave Feminist, and a nightmare to the 'intersectional' crowd. Mrs. Walker has taken a stand against 'white privilege' education in public schools. She's also an amateur Playwright, former Drama teacher, and staunch defender of the Oxford comma. Follow her humble musings on Twitter: @TheMrsKnowItAll and on Gettr @KarenWalker

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