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Watch: Another Terrorist Attack In London – 10 Cyclists Mowed Down At 50mph

Well, their Mayor DID tell us that terror attacks would be ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city.

Of course, that’s the same country that — for years — turned a blind eye to organized rape gangs. The country that arrested Tommy Robinson for reporting on the trial of members of one of those very same gangs, and routinely arrests people for ‘hateful’ Twitter posts.

For all that care taken not to offend the ‘religion of peace’, they are once again seeing mass casualties in London.

How very British of them to call it ‘an incident’.

The only upside of this attack is that the putz was stupid enough to use a Ford Festiva as his weapon of choice. There were serious injuries, but no fatalities.

It’s being treated as a terrorist attack.

Of course, the details still remain to be revealed. Here’s Scotland Yard’s official statement:

It is *technically* possible that this will be some random dope with an ax to grind against society.

It is *technically* possible that this has zero connection to Islamic terror like so many previous attacks did.

But I’m not sure I know many people who would take the odds on that particular over/under.

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