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Watch: Snowflake Rioters Try To Break US Marine Corps Windows And Even Fail At That

Watch these brave — and masked — rioters unsuccessfully attack the windows of a Marine Corps building in Berkeley, CA. It’s hilarious!

The #Resistance is not backing down, and it’s a source of endless entertainment to those of us that are rational.

On Sunday in Berkeley, CA,  at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, protesters labeled as ‘far-right’ or ‘alt-right’ activists held a ‘No To Marxism in Berkeley’ demonstration. The protest was counter-protested by hundreds, and, as is the case with the angry leftists, some got aggressive.

Apparently protesting Marxism makes you a Nazi now:

The handful of anti-Marxists were quickly labeled ‘white supremacists’ and denounced.

Mercury News reports that there were a number of weapons that were confiscated by police, but authorites declined to say whether the weapons found were from the anti-Marxists or the counter-protesters.

Protesters threw homemade fireworks at officers in the area of Milvia and Center streets, prompting police to deploy a smoke canister, White said. As of Sunday afternoon, police reported protesters also had vandalized more than 20 cars, all of which were Berkeley city vehicles — smashing their windows and setting one on fire — and burned three dumpsters.

The city, under the authority of an emergency ordinance, passed earlier this week, prohibited protestors from bringing weapons, signs mounted on sticks or other potentially dangerous items into the area around the park. Masks also were prohibited. Even so, police confiscated dozens of items Sunday, including homemade fireworks; a sledgehammer with a rusty, metal head; wooden poles wrapped with black cloth; black helmets; shields; and pepper spray or mace. Some protesters tried to smuggle in rocks by taping them to the back of their signs, White said.

Many of the anti-Marxist protesters were wearing military-style gear — not black masks.

So, who were the counter-protesters?

One group of counter-protesters showed up wearing red T-shirts identifying them as members of the Democratic Socialists of America, and carrying small signs that said, “Always anti-fascist.”

Another group used the rally to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policy, carrying signs that said, “No human being is illegal.”

Others wore “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts. A woman walked up to a group of Alameda County Sheriff’s Office deputies carrying a sign that said, “Cops and Klan go hand in hand.” She stared at the deputies, and then walked away.

Source: Mercury News

Despite the confiscation of the weapons, it seems there were at least a couple of black-masked ‘counter-protesters’ that managed to keep theirs.

Watch these two nutless wonders attempt to smash up a Marine Corps building and utterly fail:

The video was posted by a parody Antifa account, ‘Beverly Hills Antifa’, and mocked the pair that couldn’t seem to smash a window with weapons.

Note that the passersby don’t seem to be too concerned as they don’t bother to intervene.

Just because these two idiots have about as much upper body strength as a jellyfish, that doesn’t mean that bystanders should let them attempt to smash up the windows of the Marine Corps — the people that fought for the freedom of these nitwits to be themselves.

Smashing up windows isn’t protesting — it’s rioting.

Last time I checked, that was a crime.

Congrats, wussies, looks like you can’t even riot properly.

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