Watch: When A Cop Tells You ‘Drop The Knife’ … You Should Drop The Knife

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2018

It was a grisly end to an awful situation.

It was bad enough they were responding to man armed with a knife who had reportedly stabbed someone already. But when he took a hostage, it got far, far worse.

When someone holds a knife to the throat of an innocent your choices are limited, and you haven’t long to make up your mind.

This time, it ended badly for everyone.

It was the first time in 13 years that LAPD shot a hostage. Viewer warning.

Police body cameras caught the stand-off.

They were responding to a 911 call about a man who had just stabbed his ex-girlfriend.

Minutes later, police arrived on the scene, and the police helicopter saw the suspect — Guillermo Perez — still present and armed with a knife.

Police confronted him, and told him to drop the knife. He did not comply.

They used non-lethal ‘bean-bag’ rounds to stop him.

That did not stop him. Instead, he dropped the folding chair he had in one hand, and grabbed a bystander, Elizabeth Tollison, to use her as a hostage.

He held the knife on both ends and applied pressure to his victim’s throat.

Witnesses claim he moved the knife back and forth across her throat, cutting it.

Three officers fired their weapons at the assailant, 18 shots in all.

Perez — the attacker — was killed by the gunfire.

Tragically, Tollison, his human shield was also fatally wounded in the exchange.

It was the first time in 13 years that Los Angeles police killed someone they consider an “innocent bystander or hostage.”

“This is another case where officers were forced to make split-second decisions based on the actions of a violent individual,” Police Chief Michel Moore said.
Source: USNews

The events are under review.

Full audio, and official police descriptions of events are on the video, if you want to make up your own mind whether they did everything they could to avoid this tragic ending.

Next time you think YOUR job is hard… think of stories like this one.

This puts ‘life-and-death decisions’ into a whole other context.

In case anyone out there didn’t get the memo… when a cop tells you to put down a weapon. He’s not playing around.

Compliance to that order would have saved two lives that day.

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