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Bold Claim: McCain ‘Godfather’ Of The Muslim Brotherhood… Is It Right Or Ridiculous?

While everyone fawns over John McCain here in America, the Egyptian media is recalling his unspoken and shameful legacy.

Good luck finding anyone in the National Media(D) digging into this story about their newly-minted ‘Saint John of Anti-Trump’.

Egyptian news sources are linking McCain to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Does that sound a little crazy? Here’s their argument.


Egyptian media personality and TV host Ahmed Moussa said on his show on Sada El-Balad TV that John McCain was the ‘Godfather’, ‘leader’, and ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The media in Egypt ought to know a thing or two about the Muslim Brotherhood since that’s where it originated.

From the video:

John McCain is the real Supreme Guide of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, not Badee and not Akef. Today was John McCain’s funeral, which the leaders of the criminal Brotherhood in America have taken part in and they performed the Absentee funeral prayer for John McCain in Qatar, Turkey, USA, and Britain.
[McCain] was the main supporter for the terrorist Brotherhood. Senator McCain was the one who opened up the Congress to the Brotherhood. He was the one arranging the meetings and appointments and providing them with protection.
Source: Middle East Monitor

That’s a helluva an allegation. Can they back it up?

Moussa said that McCain was “a stronger ally” to the Muslim Brotherhood than Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Tamim is just for the money, they have no problem getting rid of him in the morning if they found another financial backer. Erdogan just to strengthen them, nothing much, but John McCain was the one raising them above. He had opened doors for them.
Source: Middle East Monitor

The same article points out that when Michele Bachmann called for an investigation into whether the Muslim Brotherhood had managed to infiltrate the US government, McCain was the one who called her an ‘Islamophobe’ and a ‘bigot’.

The investigation never happened.

Could the Egyptian media be right? Or are they maligning a true patriot?

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