Dear America: Look Who Kaepernick DONATES Mucho Denaro To – He’s A Peach, Eh?

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2018

I bet corporate sponsors are glad they were smart enough not to cozy up with someone as divisive as Colin Kaepernick.

Well, except for that one company who might want to rethink their slogan:

Some have suggested #JustBlewIt

So, what did the walking PR disaster do THIS time to promote his brand?

Was it something better than that whole Pig-Socks branding SNAFU that so helpfully includes the Nike Logo in the picture?

He supported a charity. No, it wasn’t the one named after the convicted cop killer. (Nah, that one is old news.)

Nope. He went all-in over abortion.

Kaepernick helps fund radical abortion activism.

He directly donated $25,000 to the extreme pro-abortion group, Center for Reproductive Rights.This is the outfit that celebrated the 40thanniversary of Roe v. Wade with a bizarre sexualized tribute to the millions killed by abortion, called “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby”.

Kaepernick also gave $25,000 to the Lower East Side Girls Club with nearly $8,000 earmarked for travel to Detroit’s version of the radical pro-abortion Women’s March and for young girls to go to the pro-porn, anti-science Teen Vogue Summit. Just in case you haven’t picked up Teen Vogue lately, the soft porn mag heavily promotes abortion, Planned Parenthood and anal sex to teens.
Source: Lifenews

Here is a clip with that ghoulish and bizarre video in it. “Happy Anniversary Baby”. (‘Dead baby’ is apparently implied).

Do you know where he DIDN’T give a cent?

The angry black man who was given up for adoption, and raised by white parents somehow thought it would be better to support the industry that would have advised his mother to snuff out his life, than to give one thin dime to an adoption agency.

Because of ‘priorities’.

At least Dave Thomas — of Wendy’s Restaurant fame — understood everything that was done for him and wanted to give something back. For him, that means funding the rabidly activist left-wing groups aligned against anything resembling traditional American values.

Colin, on the other hand, is a partisan first, and a humanitarian second.

We gotta wonder, though. Paying big dollars to the group that kills more black babies than any other group is a strange alliance for a racial agitator to make. How many black men and women never saw the light of day because of such groups.

Colin claims to be driven by ‘love’.

It looks more like he’s bitter, angry and choking on his own bile.

Go ahead and prove us wrong.

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