Dear Vegan: Farmers Kill Every Animal That Preys Upon Your Veggies

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2018

If you’re Vegan… have you ever stopped to consider just how much animal blood stains those ‘guilt-free’ meals?

Meat is murder, you say? Well, so is that salad.

When someone sits down with a nice BLT, only the most hopelessly naive soul would believe that the bacon alone is a product of lethal violence.

The Tomato, the lettuce and the wheat… do you think there was no violence in their production? Did they magically spring into being at the local supermarket?


They were planted in a field after a great big rumbling machine tore apart every little mouse, rabbit, snake, mole, and bird that happened to call that patch of land ‘home’.

And that body count is before we start talking about any petrochemical treatments those fields are given to protect and nourish those shiny tomatoes, crisp lettuce, golden wheat or even a vegan’s precious soybeans.

Let’s not forget that these are chemicals that take their more noxious qualities along with them into the soil and water table.

Supposing the farm is organic, and especially ‘earth conscious’ with money invested, for instance in eco-credits, is that a way out?

No. Now there’s a whole OTHER problem… they are directly contributing to wind farms, and the staggering lethal effects they have upon flying species like birds and bats. And the vegan who buys from them is ‘complicit’.

There’s no way around it. You are eating something. And something somewhere had to die to make that happen.

So stop lecturing the rest of us about our steak or our hunting.

Because you’re NOT going to change our mind.

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