Hate Whitey: Major Liberal Rag Rips New ‘Jack Ryan’ Series For Celebrating White Men

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2018

It must be exhausting to be perpetually outraged about such petty things.

The Intersectional Olympics keep score about every little slight. They count (and notice) if not enough people are represented from (trending victim group x) in this or that movie.

Scarlett Johansson was ready to start shooting a film called ‘Rub and Tub’ about a transgendered massage parlor owner… but the outrage police got angry because Scarlett was going to play the role herself, and not a ‘trans’ actor.

(But wait… isn’t gender just a social construct, anyway?)

A Batwoman show (in which the lead character is a lesbian) caught heat because the woman playing the role was bisexual, but the (fictional!) character was fully lesbian. And don’t get me started about the non-gender-conforming reimagining of Romeo and Juliet.

And now, in a country with well over 70% of its population being white, the Jack Ryan series is catching hell for having an ordinary, run-of-the-mill white guy as a lead character.

Even though Jack Ryan is an actual, established character taken from best-selling author Tom Clancy’s work, the grievance police have been working overtime.

Vanity Fair is positively ‘Triggered’ by this show.

“Patriotic Nightmare”, they called it, right in the Vanity Fair article’s headline.

Oh really? Sounds great! You have my attention now. (But maybe not in the way you had hoped.)

Let’s grab the trailer before we continue.

Maybe they’ve never HEARD of Tom Clancy?

Continuing on…

It seems that in order to get a portrait of a Syrian woman grappling with personal and political crises, one must also slog through the narrative of an unimpressive American man. If you guess that the show hinges on Jack Ryan rescuing her from her evil terrorist husband, well—spoiler alert!—you would be right. And that says basically everything you need to know: this is a propulsive, enthusiastic, confident action-thriller that makes a glossy, gooey narrative of American generosity and valor. It lauds Jack Ryan—a true American hero who unfailingly escalates every situation and lacks even basic collaborative skills—while neglecting to even attempt to challenge the narrative of noble American involvement and intervention abroad. Both its protagonist and its plot are based on the foundational, unquestioned notion that American-military might—the best-funded killing infrastructure in human history—is helping to save the world.
Source: Vanity Fair

I’m not sure I could parody a more self-satisfied, pompous, out-of-touch perspective of a perennial great American Story.

You might think the people that supposedly see ‘Nazis’ lurking behind every bush would have a more positive view of American Military might? But nah, we’re really the ‘bad guys’.

Its other primary story objective is proving that Jack Ryan deserves his white male entitlement—which indicates just how closely American myths of masculinity are intertwined with international dominance. From frame to frame, Jack Ryan is an astonishing case study in toxic narratives. I watched it twice, slack-jawed in amazement; I do not know if this is an endorsement or not.
Source: Vanity Fair

In other words… ‘How gauche’

As we said previously, somewhere north of 70% of Americans are white. Deal with it.

Many of us are male, most of us. Using Progressives’ own rules, that means there ought to be more white dudes in lead roles than not.

Or are those immutable rules of intersectionality suddenly looking less appealing?

Its appeal lies in a more visceral satisfaction: the guns are hot, the women are sexually available, and the explosions keep coming. For the right viewer, that’s enough of a hook to overshadow the fact that the story is attempting, and failing, to yoke together two opposing forces: the lacquer of Hollywood heroism with the inherently nuance-seeking structure of dramatic television.
Source: Vanity Fair

Translation: It’s a guy flick.

And if it’s the kind of guy flick that weeds out the hoity-toity sanctimonious preening types, and is unabashedly Pro-American…

… then I think I know what my next TV binge is going to be.

Right after I run to the store for some more beer and popcorn.

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