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Mr. Socialism, Michael Moore, Hasn’t Spread His Personal Wealth To His WIFE

Is Michael Moore unwilling to pay his ‘fair share’ to his ex-wife? She says he is violating a divorce settlement and that could be very bad news for Moore.

Kathleen Glynn was married to Michael Moore for 23 years, though they had been business partners for much longer. Glynn produced many of his famous films and was a ‘driving force’ in his other ventures where he was the ‘featured personality.’

She claims that Moore has bailed on the binding arbitration in their 2014 divorce settlement that required her to sign off on her share of the profits on their joint interests in order to be given a 4 percent stake of the total revenue from his future creative endeavors.

“She was the driving force in the making of many of [his] films and other ventures in which Mr. Moore was the featured personality, dating back to their first big success, ‘Roger and Me’ (1989),” Glynn’s attorney Bonnie Rabin says in the new Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

Glynn also produced the Academy Award-winning “Bowling for Columbine” about the Columbine High School massacre and “Fahrenheit 9/11” — “the highest-grossing documentary film of all time.”

The suit claims Moore has walked away from a binding arbitration that was required to “flesh out the terms of an important provision in their property settlement.”

Glynn claims Moore’s trying to obtain all the benefits of their 2014 settlement in which she “signed over essentially all of her interest in the fruits of the parties’ joint efforts as film-makers … in exchange for a promise of future revenue-sharing by” Moore.

Source: Page Six

In her lawsuit against Moore, Glynn claims that her ex-husband only paid her $541 in 2014, which would mean that his income was just $13,525 during a seven-month period, according to court papers.

Moore reported to the IRS a negative income in both 2014 and 2016. In 2014, he claims that his income was negative $350,862 in 2016, it was negative $221,025.

She’s not buying those numbers and claims that he’s walking away from the arbitration agreement that they had agreed to so that he could have all of the benefits from it without ‘fleshing out the provision of their property settlement.’

Funny how the guy who extols the benefits of socialism and has a net worth of approximately $50 million thinks it’s just fine to hand over less than $600 in one year to his ex-wife and former business partner.

How many millions does one person need, Michael?

I’m sure he has a response in his movie, Capitalism: A Love Story.

He had told Hannity that he is a man of his word.

Watch Moore wax eloquent on how socialism is the truth that is taught in all religions:

Well, I think we found the problem.

He sees wealth as a pie. I think we can all see he feels about pie.

He’s obviously eaten all the pie and just left his ex-wife with a few crumbs.

Way to go, Micheal.

What a great example of the hypocrisy of socialists.

If you don’t like it here in the United States of America, I hear that you can live like a king in Venezuela on almost nothing.

And hey, if you were concerned about your weight, that can be easily remedied there as well, simply by pushing the wheelbarrow of cash to do your weekly grocery shopping.

Since Moore is keen on bringing in religion into discussions of economics, maybe he hasn’t read the portion of the Bible that says that he should get the plank out of his own eye before looking at the speck in his brother’s eye. In this case, it could be paraphrased, ‘Share your own wealth before you demand that the government shares mine.’

Moore has a new movie coming out to capitalize on the anti-Trump sentiment that he helps to gin up. The new ‘documentary’ is called Fahrenheit 11/9, a play on his anti-George W. Bush movie, Fahrenheit 9/11.

Watch the trailer:

I wonder if his wife will see any revenue from that?

Whatever happens, he’s using Trump’s name to gain some fame and fortune.

Yeah, join the line of all the other Hollywood leftists trying to do the same thing.


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