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VIDEO: Trump Trolls Barack In A Wicked New Video And It’s PERFECT

The former President put himself out there to stump for Democrats before the midterm elections. Excellent. That means all of his previous his statements are fair game.

This is great news for the GOP.

Often those that voted in the governing party don’t show up to vote in the midterm elections. They’re just not as motivated as the party in opposition.

If there’s one thing that can get Republican voters out in droves, it’s an arrogant, finger-wagging Barack Obama.

In case you missed his speech in Illinois, you can catch our ClashDaily coverage here:

Clash Poll: Obama Trashes Trump Stumping For Socialists – Do You Wish He Would Just STFU?

Much to the chagrin of the left, one of the great successes of President Donald Trump is his ability to bypass the Media (D) and get his message out to the people.

His latest message is a helluva good one.

He’s reminding everyone that despite Barry recently taking credit for the booming economy and the high jobs numbers, the former president didn’t think that this kind of growth was even possible.

He said in a town hall meeting in 2016 that manufacturing jobs were just not going to come back, and mocked then-candidate Trump’s claims that he would be able to bring them back by asking, ‘What magic wand do you have?

The White House produced a video that was shared by President Trump, and it’s perfect.

The same video was posted on Instagram with the caption, ‘JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

Troll Level: President.

This video encapsulates it all — the touting of the President’s success, and trolling former president What’s-His-Name-With-No-Legacy.

Since the election, stifling regulations have been slashed, over 4 million jobs have been created, the overall unemployment rate is down to 3.9% — an almost 50-year low, unemployment rates for both Blacks and Hispanics are at historical lows, and the GDP rose by 4.1% the fastest growth rate since 2014.

Because the right seems to have the monopoly on humor and creativity these days, there are so many memes about this very thing. Here’s a handful of the best ones:


And one fantastic political cartoon by Ben Garrison:

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