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Facebook INFLATED Their Ad Numbers 900% – But It’s OK Because They’re Liberals

The sharks are circling around Fascist Book, and censorship may now be the least of their problems.

Might they have a case of fraud on his hands?

And how big do you thinking those numbers would be?


Really really big.

Facebook was not acting (apparently) in good faith.

Not only did Facebook inflate ad-watching metrics by up to 900 percent, it knew for more than a year that its average-viewership estimates were wrong and kept quiet about it, a new legal filing claims.

A group of small advertisers suing the Menlo Park social media titan alleged in the filing that Facebook “induced” advertisers to buy video ads on its platform because advertisers believed Facebook users were watching video ads for longer than they actually were.

That “unethical, unscrupulous” behavior by Facebook constituted fraud because it was “likely to deceive” advertisers, the filing alleged.

The latest allegations arose out of a lawsuit that the advertisers filed against Mark Zuckerberg-led Facebook in federal court in 2016 over alleged inflation of ad-watching metrics. The plaintiffs said in the recent filing that their new claims are based on internal Facebook documents obtained through the court process.
Source: Mercury News</strong>

Add that to whatever SCOTUS is up to, in the TV case and Zuckerberg could have some real problems on his hands.

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Wes Walker

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