Guess What Horrific Sexual Assault Rates In Europe Seem to Be Related to …

Written by Larry Usoff on October 1, 2018

In the first part we were just beginning to delve into Muslim crime in Europe (soon to be Eurabia). We looked at Sweden first because it is that country that seems to have changed the most, the quickest, and is in the most danger of becoming an Islamic state. A local branch of the Left Party in Sweden even demanded that men urinate while sitting down, and THAT, to me indicates that there may be a shrinking of the testicles in that nation.

Incidentally, there is much “confusion” among Muslim refugees about using bathroom facilities, and we’ll get to that in a bit. Think about this…If the real issues were feminism and toxic masculinity, if sufficient educational indoctrination about the evils of masculinity is needed to “teach men not to rape”, women should be safest in Sweden. So what went wrong?

Finland has a third of Sweden’s rape rates and a quarter of its sexual assault rates. Its numbers are still far higher than most of Europe, but nowhere near those of Sweden. What could possibly explain the difference? The Muslim proportion of its population is only a third of Sweden’s. Sweden has the second highest non-indigenous Muslim immigration population rate in Europe and the second highest sexual assault rate in Europe. It would be foolish to pretend that this is a coincidence.

The UK tops even Sweden in Europe’s sexual assault and rape statistics. At 130.96 per 100,000 for sexual assaults and 50.68 per 100,000 for rapes, the United Kingdom is the most dangerous place for women in Europe. But then why do the numbers for nearby Ireland look so strikingly different?

Like Finland, Ireland’s numbers are high, but nowhere near as high as those in the United Kingdom. The UK’s sexual assault and rape rates are roughly four times as high as those of Ireland. And the difference in Muslim population percentages is in almost perfect proportion.

Belgium, which hosts the capitals of the European Union and of Islamic terrorism, is in third place. Belgium has the third highest Muslim population rate and the third highest sexual violence rate. Brussels has a thousand programs and regulations pushing feminism. Hungary has a wall. The lesson from Sweden and Brussels is that if you want to stop rape, professional feminism doesn’t work, walls do.

The Netherlands has the fourth highest sexual assault rate in Europe and the fourth highest non-indigenous Muslim population rate. Germany has the sixth highest assault rate and the sixth highest Muslim population rate. There is no European country that has a high Muslim immigrant population and a low rate of sexual violence. All of the top Muslim immigrant countries are in the red.

Now, one would have to be really stupid, and none of you are, to not see the correlation here. It’s really quite simple: Muslims don’t think or act like “Westerners” and therefore they take actions that we find to be heinous in nature. Islamic doctrines and Arabic cultural mores that permit, explicitly or implicitly, the sexual assault of non-Muslim women who are not dressed properly or walk unaccompanied by a male relative, are pernicious. And Muslims rapists in Europe and Australia have cited belief and culture in their defense.

So far we’ve only looked at the sexual side of the Muslim invasion (and make no mistake, that is exactly what it is) but there are other aspects to Islam that make it completely at odds with Western civilization.

It is well-known, but hushed-up, that Muslim “grooming gangs” operate pretty much at will in the European Union. Muslim men are known to prefer young, white, girls for their sex-trafficking. This sort of thing is now merely a by-product of slavery, and if you don’t think it goes on, you’re very wrong.

The United States had slavery, and we admitted it, we found it was a bad thing and we abolished it. That’s a black mark in our history, but it IS history and you can’t change that. Let’s see what’s going on in the slave markets of today…and there are many of them. Maybe a bit of history to get you up to speed.

The term “Barbary” is an adjective that refers to the inhabitants of the coastal regions of North Africa. To the Greeks and Romans, those of different ethnicities and cultures spoke gibberish that sounded like they were saying “bar bar bar” when they spoke. The term “Turk” was often used to describe the ethnicity of the pirates. However, this was a misnomer, Turks were from Turkey. During the Barbary raids, few westerners understood the difference between an Ottoman Turk, a Berber, and an Arab. The term Barbary stuck when Arab invaders conquered various North African territories in the 7th century. Consequently, European cartographers would name this area the Barbary Coast or “Barbaria.” This area would become more and more distinguished from the rest of the Arab world from the beginning to the end of the Ottoman Era. The Ottomans relied on the inhabitants in this area for diplomacy and raiding after losing control of the Mediterranean.

The Barbary pirates did not only raid for booty at sea, they raided white Christian slaves in European territory, too. The inhabitants of the Maghreb (another term for North Africa) were referred to as the “Moors” or “Saracens”. These Islamic Moorish invaders conquered Christian Spain and would rule it from 711 to 1492.

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