She Scored: Little Girl Finds EPIC Treasure At The Bottom Of A Lake

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2018

It’s amazing what adventures kids can have when they unplug from those electronics once in a while.

It was just another ordinary day at the lake.

Until it wasn’t.

An 8-year-old girl skipping rocks at a lake in Sweden earlier this summer made a remarkable discovery that now has many locals joking she should be crowned the new queen, in a nod to tales of King Arthur.

While wading in Vidöstern lake in Tånnö, Småland, Saga Vanecek stumbled upon what she thought was ‘some kind of stick’ – but, it turned out to be a sword dating back more than 1,000 years to the pre-Viking era.

Experts are now working to preserve the delicate relic before it’s eventually put on display at the Jönköpings Läns Museum.
Source: DailyMail

But wait. It gets better.

Though Vanecek found the sword months ago, the news was kept under wraps until this week to give researchers time to scour the area for any other artefacts that could be nearby, according to The Local.

And in doing this, they found an ancient brooch from the same time period, as well as an 18th century coin.

The 8-year-old Swedish-American girl, whose family just moved back to the country from Minneapolis last year and are huge Minnesota Vikings fans, came upon the submerged treasure entirely by chance as she played in the shallow water on her way to retrieve a buoy.Source: DailyMail

They’re from Minneapolis?

… VIKINGS fans?

The team’s marketing brain-trust should get on this one, STAT. The NFL needs all the good publicity they can get.

Imagine the excitement of a parent seeing your kid playing in the water, only to hear ‘Daddy, I found a sword!”

Not THAT’S a vacation!

Fresh air. Exercise. Adventure.

Accidental Archeology?

What a great family.

They didn’t head out to some concrete jungle or resort. They went back to nature.

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