Shocker: Democrats And The Media (D) Jump To Blame Trump’s Rhetoric For Pipe Bombs

Written by K. Walker on October 25, 2018

While we still don’t know who it was that sent multiple pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, the Media (D) is quick to assign blame.

What happened to the ‘wait and watch’ approach that they demand after every single attack that turns out to be motivated by radical, Islamic terror?

Well, that’s all out the window because Democrats are the targets.

If you don’t think I’m right, consider how this is 24/7 news and the targeted shooting of the GOP Congressional Baseball team by a Bernie bro was on the news for like 5 whole minutes.

CNN tweeted that Donald Trump didn’t ‘take responsibility’ for the toxic political environment:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tweeted this morning that the President ‘keeps stirring hatred’:

Former Clinton Aide, Philippe Reines tweeted out that someone is using Donald Trump’s tweets as a ‘hit list’:

MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt says that yeah, it’s the person who sent the bombs, but really, it’s Trump’s fault for ‘stoking a Cold Civil War’:

Former CIA Director, John Brennan, one of the targets says that Trump has ‘incited’ violence:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo says that Trump is the ‘head of the hate parade’:

Watch Don Lemon out-idiot Chris Cuomo:

Ben Collins of NBC News sidestepped blaming Trump and blamed Fox News instead:

And now it’s all a giant sh!tshow.

Dems and the Media (D) blame Trump, Trump blames the Media (D) bias and stoking divisions for ratings, and everyone is pointing fingers and trying to assign blame.

Here’s a hot take: The person who sent these bombs is the one that needs to be held responsible. Rational people know that blowing your political opponent to smithereens isn’t a sane option.

Does that mean that the rhetoric can be left as it is?

Absolutely not.

Both sides need to cool it.

Democrats — it’s not cool to harass people as they go about their day-to-day lives and stage protests in front of their homes.

Republicans — the CNN meme posted by the President wasn’t a ‘how to’ video.

But let’s not forget that there has been some definite ginning up of anger by leftists and it started ’round about 11 pm Eastern on November 8, 2016, when it was clear that Donald J. Trump would become the 45th President of the United States, and it has never stopped.

It’s only gotten worse, despite the aforementioned shooting at a baseball practice.

Thank God Steve Scalise survived, and that no one was injured by these bombs.

But, seriously — spare me your tears and finger-pointing, Dems.

The sitting President — who was democratically elected, no matter how much you might hate that — has been called ‘literally Hitler’ since Day-Freaking-One by Hollywood elites, the Media (D), and Democrat politicians.

A ‘comedienne’ made a ‘joke’ video of an ISIS-style beheading of the President.

People have called for his assassination, have inserted him into a ‘modern take’ on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and have spun wondrous tales about their orgasmic daydreams of a Russian assassin coming to take out the President.

Calling Maxine Waters — who called on her followers to ‘knock off’ President Trumpnuttier than a granola bar seems pretty mild in comparison, don’t you think?

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