This ‘1/1024’ Meme Could Be The FUNNIEST Damn Fauxcahontas Meme EVER!

Written by Wes Walker on October 17, 2018

As entertaining as the ‘colors of the wind’ and others have been, this one HAMMERS the libs where it hurts.

It kicks them right in their… ideology.

Liberals don’t really care about things as they ARE, they’re far more interested in things as they WISH they could be.

It’s like they are trying to bend reality to their imagination.

If you’re confused about why that doesn’t work, try doing that from a third-floor balcony. We promise, won’t end well. The fall probably won’t kill you, but you’ll soon have plenty of down time to consider the error of your ways.

Bend reality to their imagination?

You think that’s ridiculous?

Check out this handy chart and just try to tell us otherwise.

They’re a party of fakers and frauds. (Some of them literally charged with fraud, or other crimes.)

A Fake Indian.

An Irish guy faking Mexican.

A fake veteran.

A white girl pretending to be a black activist.

Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning — who put the ‘Trans’ in transgression.

The list goes on and on.

There are other good ones missing from this list, too.

Linda Sarsour bragged that the hijab magically turned her from being a white girl to a PoC.

Keep that in mind on voting day.

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Stay Rowdy!

Even the most hopelessly landlocked Trump fan can unleash their ‘inner surfer’ with this one!

There is no question, Trump is the ‘Big Kahuna’ of politics.

News network can’t go two stories without bringing his name into the conversation one way or another.

He is, once again defying all political odds, and is whipping up strength down-ticket on the Mid-terms.

He stuck to his guns over Kavanaugh and convinced the Senate to do the same, and the polls are showing it!

Not long ago, the Media(D) were excitedly chattering about a blue wave. Then the gap narrowed.

And now?

Now, it’s looking like this:

A bright red wave. It captured his Don’t GAF style nicely.

The art on his board is a nice touch, too.

Get your own print today.