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Three Separate Credible Threats To Government Officials While Anti-Trump Rhetoric Escalates

How many actual threats of violence — whether hoaxes or the real deal — will make the ‘Resistance’ decide that maybe, just MAYBE, our political discourse is too overheated.

Since we don’t know who sent these packages, whether they have a common source or several, we have an instance of three sites in a single day that were handling credible threats with hazmat suits.

Early reports of a possible suspect point to an unnamed sailor, whose name, included in the return address was not publicly disclosed.
*end update*

The first one, fortunately, was just a hoax.

Of course, that didn’t make the situation any less stressful for the people who had to endure it.

A spokeswoman for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says a package addressed to Cruz’s Houston campaign headquarters caused a lockdown. Authorities later lifted an evacuation order after saying two people were apparently exposed to a “white powdery substance.”

The Houston Fire Department tweeted Tuesday that tests for hazardous substances were negative after the building floor where Cruz’s office is located was evacuated.

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier says no one from the campaign staff was taken to the hospital.
Source: FoxNews

Fortunately, it wasn’t a legitimate threat:

So that political ‘hit’ missed the target and traumatized a couple of ordinary ‘shmoes’.

The other two deliveries were much more serious.

The Pentagon (Targeting two offices, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Adm. John M. Richardson, the chief of naval operations) is reported to have received mail containing the deadly poison Ricin and the White House which as also received materials with a suspicious substance.

Federal authorities are investigating a series of suspicious envelopes sent to senior U.S. officials, including President Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, officials said Tuesday.
The Pentagon Force Protection Agency on Monday detected a suspicious substance, believed to be the poison ricin, on two envelopes at a mail facility on Pentagon grounds in Northern Virginia, the officials said. Initial tests indicated that the envelopes, addressed to Mattis and Adm. John M. Richardson, the chief of naval operations, contained the toxic material.
[…] No one was injured at the mail facility, which is not part of the main Pentagon building.
An FBI spokesman said the envelopes were “currently undergoing further testing.”
Later, on Tuesday, the Secret Service said that another piece of mail, addressed to Trump, had also been identified on Monday as suspicious.
“We can confirm that we are working jointly with our law enforcement partners to fully investigate this matter,” the Secret Service said in a statement. It said the envelope was not received at the White House.
CNN reported that the envelope intended for Trump was also believed to contain ricin and that officials believed the two incidents may be linked. — WaPo

There was a time, not so long ago, where it would have been naturally assumed that this threat came from a foreign agent, or a sleeper cell of some sort.

Now, it’s almost easier to believe that it’s a radicalized Resistance Antifa-Type.

Not only are people like Maxine Waters encouraging confrontation…

And people like that Antifa offshoot that drove Ted Cruz out of a restaurant become emboldened…

But look back over the last couple of years.

Scalise was shot by a Bernie supporter.

Rand Paul hospitalized after being attacked while mowing his lawn.

Flake held in an elevator.

Endless shrieking about how even the most milquetoast, middle of the road judicial pick is ‘evil’ and will ‘result in the deaths of women’.

We don’t know yet who is responsible for this attack.

But ask yourself, is it easier to believe this was done by some disgruntled ISIS sympathizer or some radicalized anti-Trump leftist?

And what does that tell you about the current state of the ‘other’ party?

We’re a long way from that day Reagan was shot, and he had the following conversation with his Doctor:

Within a few minutes after I arrived, the room was full of specialists in virtually every medical field. When one of the doctors said they were going to operate on me, I said, “I hope you’re a Republican.” He looked at me and said, “Today, Mr. President, we’re all Republicans.” — Ronald Reagan

What the radicals haven’t figured out yet is that all this radicalized opposition is having an unintended side effect… it’s bringing a fractured Right back together again.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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