A Socialist Governor Of Michigan? 

Written by Maria Espinoza on November 4, 2018

Here is a quick quiz:

What candidate for office supports open borders, eliminating ICE, and sanctuary cities?

  1. Bernie Sanders
  2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  3. Gretchen Whitmer

The answer, of course, is all of the above.

But unlike Sanders and Cortez, who proudly proclaim their allegiance to the Democratic Socialist of America and run for office is extremely liberal states and districts, Ms. Whitmer is taking the same position as a candidate for governor in Michigan, home of blue collar Democrats and thousands of African Americans, who always suffer the most job losses from those who cross the border illegally.

Her opponent, Republican Bill Schuette has been warning Michiganders for months about Whitmer and her running mate, Garlin Gilchrist’s extreme anti-US worker positions on the issue.  During a recent press availability, Schuette said, “I’m here today with my colleagues from law enforcement to issue a public safety warning.  This public safety warning is about the extreme agenda of Sen. Gretchen Whitmer and Garlin Gilchrist.”

Whitmer has called for the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).  Almost unbelievably, her running mate, Mr. Gilchrist said the Department of Homeland Security should be trashed, as well.  “That threatens our borders and it inhibits prosecution of multi-state efforts to combat human trafficking,” Schuette said. “This is wrong and people need to know that it’s wrong. It’s an extreme agenda and a risky agenda as well.”

Let’s not forget the issue of supplying drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  Mr. Gilchrist has said, “There’s been arguments and fights in states …and municipalities across the country about whether undocumented immigrants could have driver’s licenses, whether they could have real ID that the type of ID that you need to do so many things in day to day life and it’s really great to see the District of Columbia really stepping up and joining ten other states that now grant this right to undocumented immigrants ….This is the type of win that you can start in every state.  This is exactly the type of thing that citizens can push for and win.”  Gilchrist’s position is clearly part of the Democrat ploy to give illegals a legal status in order to vote and to legally collect all sorts of welfare benefits they have not earned .  In other words, it is blanket amnesty end-run around our laws and Congress, with Michigan and US taxpayers footing the bill…again.

When Mr. Schuette and Ms. Whitmer faced-off at their debate this past week, the issue of illegal immigration took center stage.

Unlike his opponents, Schuette is a forceful advocate of border protection.  He has condemned sanctuary cities, taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens and demonstrated a firm commitment to our men and women in law enforcement, particularly the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Schuette made clear that if he is elected, Michigan will not be sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens.  Ms. Whitmer, not surprisingly, dodged and weaved, refusing to address the question.

At the Remembrance Project, we provide a voice to for the victims killed by illegal aliens.  We have witnessed first-hand how many politicians are willing to turn their backs on their own citizens to curry favor with liberal open border advocates.  Make no mistake about it, Ms. Whitmer and Mr. Gilchrest represent some of the most extreme positions on the issue of immigration we have ever seen.

Michigan cannot afford to be a magnet for illegal aliens.  The impact on taxpayers, veterans, school children and seniors is all too real.  We have witnessed the negative impact illegals can have on state budgets, local schools that are already struggling to provide for existing students and law enforcement.

Make no mistake about it, Whitmer and Gilchrest’s positions on open borders and illegal aliens will make Michigan a more costly and dangerous place to live.

Maria Espinoza is the National Director of the Remembrance Project, a non-project, dedicated to protecting America and honoring the memory of those killed by illegal aliens. Find out more at theremembranceproject.org

Maria Espinoza is the National Director of the Remembrance Project, a non-project, dedicated to protecting America and honoring the memory of those killed by illegal aliens. Find our more at theremembranceproject.org