‘ORANGE MAN BAD’: Perfect Video Showcases How Liberals Have Become Brainwashed Zombies

Written by Wes Walker on November 19, 2018

If you ever felt like all the Leftists were reading from the same script, and didn’t really give much thought to WHY… you’re not alone.

The NPC meme with the grey people and blanked out faces of the Leftist mob has struck a nerve.

Probably because it’s uncovered a painful truth their side does NOT want to acknowledge.

Their arguments and accusations are long on emotional bluster, and short on empirical facts.

There were actual DEATH THREATS against Kanye, not because he told people they should vote for Trump — he never actually did that — he did something far more dangerous.

Kanye told a black audience that it’s OK to NOT vote for Democrats.

He publicly stated that everyone, black white or otherwise, can — and should –think for themselves politically.

How DARE he! Although, I’m not exactly sure why Black people are supposed to have less freedom in their political thinking than people of any other background. Do you? It sounds like someone is selling them, and their intelligence, awfully short.

It actually sounds like Kanye is attacking the same ‘NPC’ idea, that got a reaction doesn’t it?

That’s what makes this video so funny and, to be honest, even a little subversive.

The downloading of TV propaganda from “CNNPC” (clever) to make the population of grey NPCs militant was a nice touch. But the best part was the ending.

The simplest of rational questions, said in the right context, have an amazing impact. Which happens to be entirely true, by the way. Instead of ARGUING with a leftist friend of family member, try asking them why they think what they think sometime, ask for the underlying causes, ask for examples of their outlandish claims.

That sort of ‘Columbo’ conversation (hat tip: Greg Koukl’s book ‘Tactics’) takes all the effort out of the conversation. You don’t have to prove anything. They have to do all the work.

Conservatives and libertarians have been chastized on Social Media for sharing this meme. So it must be pissing off all the right people. Pass it along!

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