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Trump Calls Bogus Kavanaugh Accuser ‘A D@mn Disgrace’

And that’s STILL a lot nicer than what we would have to say about her.

Ever since Feinstein opened a Pandora’s Box in the Kavanaugh hearings, there has been a sharp contrast between what the two parties had to say about it.

One side, riding the coat-tails of the MeToo movement wasn’t satisfied to hear the full story, and let the chips fall where they may.

No, they had an accusation — or several accusations — and they smelled blood. They wanted to bully the Republicans into withdrawing their nominee or having Kavanaugh himself decide it wasn’t worth the trouble and withdraw his own name.

It wasn’t enough to HEAR what she had to say, they already had an opinion about it. The Lapdog ‘Independent’ Media(D) even coined a new phrase — ‘Credibly Accused’ that served a function as the exact opposite of the phrase ‘allegedly’. It Heightens the audience’s assumption of the accused’s guilt, rather than lowering or limiting it. If he’s ‘credibly accused’ what further need do we have of evidence, after all.

On the other side were the Republicans.

What they wanted is more data. Give us the facts and we can decide if this accusation carries any weight. Because there is always the chance that an accuser could be lying for their own private reasons.

And then, right on cue, came the ‘Believe All Women’ activists. You will remember that’s what they chanted when they tried to intimidate Ted Cruz and his wife.

And then it happened.

When people started looking into the accusations, there was nothing to them. Ford’s testimony imploded in spectacular fashion, we are also seeing criminal referrals for the other accusers.

If you missed that story, we covered it here:
Kavanaugh Accuser Now Admits She LIED – Should She Go To Jail?

“It’s a damn disgrace,” Trump said, calling it a “filthy dirty lie.”

“She lied and then we’re supposed to sit back and take it,” Trump said. “It was a made-up story.”

“By the way, what about the others? When are they gonna say what happened?” he asked.

“Supposing he was forced to drop out? … Supposing because of these lies, he dropped out?” Trump asked, referring to Kavanaugh. “A lot of guys would have, I give him credit also for sticking it out, it was brutal.”

The president reminded supporters that Democratic Senator Jon Tester voted against Kavanaugh because of the unproven allegations.
Source: Breitbart

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Wes Walker

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