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WATCH: Michelle Obama’s Take On Trump’s Swearing In Is Why We’re GLAD She’s Gone!

Michelle “The Scowl” Obama has returned and surprise, surprise, she’s got a complaint to air to the rest of us.

How the Left can get past her ‘resting bitch face’ and see her as “wonderful” is a question many of us will never be able to answer.

Do you get any more patronizing a softball question than the one lobbed to Michele in this interview? Trump being contrasted negatively against No-Drama-Obama?

She was actually calling the guy whose ‘Wingman’ AG was cited for Contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious charges, whose Secretary of Defence was mishandling classified information, whose FBI spied on journalists, and whose IRS apologized for being weaponized against Obama’s grassroots enemies ‘No-Drama-Obama’.

That’s not even getting into all of the more serious stuff he pulled off.

She went straight to the race-baiting.

Our presence in the White House was celebrated by millions but created a ‘reactionary sense of fear and resentment among others, the hatred was old and deep and as dangerous as ever’. And without even an ounce of self-awareness, immediately after that, she answered the next question saying she can’t speculate as to the motives of others.

No, it couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with eight years of injecting race into each and every issue that you spoke about. How many times, for instance, did we hear about her ‘Living in a house built by slaves’?

Could it be that the ‘bitter clingers with their guns and their religion’ are tired of the intersectional zealotry, suing of nuns, and gas-lighting?


It’s far easier to assume that everyone who dislikes the chronic abuses of power seen in his administration, or the ‘fundamental transformation’ of a nation they love, the diplomatic weakness on the national stage, and his endless criticisms of traditional American faith while singing the praise of Islam, and abuses of Executive Privilege does so because we’re racist.

Seeing her again reminds me of that old expression: “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?”By the way, since Facebook has unpublished ClashDaily’s page, your best bet to keep in the loop is to Subscribe to our ClashDaily Newsletter right here:

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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