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Dear Facebookers: Zuckerberg Secretly Gave Netflix & Spotify YOUR Private Messages – Can You Say, ‘That’s BULLSH!T?’

Did you know that third parties can even Change or Delete your messages?

But what we’re supposed to be REALLY upset about is some foreigner paying for some Facebook ads to ‘change the outcome’ of an election.

Looks like the tech giants have already been doing a pretty good job of THAT without any foreign funding. They delete, restrict and suppress views they don’t like. And they’ve targeted Get Out The Vote efforts for areas they think will vote for ‘their guy’.

And they’ve made examples of groups like Cambridge Analytica for ‘helping sway the election’ despite the fact that they considered themselves clever innovators for using exactly the same technique in building a voter list to get Obama elected.

In fact “50 Strategies That Changed History” Daniel Smith (2015) actually closes with the account Obama’s harnessing of Facebook to secure his win. “And if all that weren’t enough, Obama found himself with an enormous database of useful personal information.”
“Data Monster”: Activist Lefty Website Could Make Cambridge Analytica Look Like Amateur Hour

But Silicon Valley has done its Mea Culpa. They’ve turned over a new leaf. They’re protecting your private information. Right?

You didn’t actually BELIEVE that, did you?

When he stood before Congress in April, following yet another scandal at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg declared ‘We don’t sell data to anyone’.

That may technically be the case, but a new New York Times expose has revealed that Facebook gave 150 companies access to hundreds of millions of users’ data without their knowledge or consent.

Records obtained by the Times reveal that the amount of data Cambridge Analytica received from a Facebook app paled in comparison to the access that was granted to the social media giant’s biggest partners, including Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix.

Facebook gave Netflix, Spotify, and the Royal Bank of Canada the ability to read, write, and delete Facebook users’ private messages and to see all participants on a thread, according to the internal records.

It also allowed Microsoft’s search engine, known as Bing, to see the name of all Facebook users’ friends without their consent.

Amazon was allowed to obtain users’ names and contact information through their friends, and Yahoo could view streams of friends’ posts.

As of last year, Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon could all obtain users’ email addresses through their friends.

Facebook never received monetary payment for this kind of access, which was permitted even if its users had disabled all data sharing on their profile.

It has argued that these major companies were merely acting as an extension of Facebook, which is why any information that a user shared with friends on the site could be shared with the companies without their consent.

Zuckerberg has the benefit of a classical education, which includes logic and rhetoric. He knows that this bogus line of argument is called ‘special pleading’. He’s just banking on the rest of us NOT knowing it.

Word is out, Zuck. Maybe that’s why Facebook is losing value and users are down sharply, especially the under-25 crowd.

They have no interest in being ‘the product’ that you sell.

That’s why you won’t find ClashDaily on Facebook anymore. We’re tired of their bullsh!t.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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