VIDEO: Sarah Sanders SLAYS Senate Democrats Who Will Not Fund The Wall

Written by Wes Walker on December 22, 2018

One devastating sentence put this whole shutdown in it’s proper perspective.

Trump has made the priority of Border Security clear. He’s fixed a target number of roughly $5Billion.

Just days before the shutdown, there was a push for giving away ten billion to rebuild and stabilize nations South of our border.
Dear CNN: Trump Just Pledged $10B To Build Out Central America & Mexico – Is That ‘Racism?’

Nobody on the Left even flinched about how that money would be spent, or whether it was a ‘wise’ use of tax money.

That was announced WHILE Nancy and Schumer (‘Chancy’) were already stonewalling over the $5 Billion for border security.

This isn’t about using money wisely. This isn’t about border security. This is an explicit rejection of a policy that would stem the tide of foreign nationals streaming into America unchecked.

And Sarah Sanders called them on it.

“One thing that I think has been missed and didn’t get a lot of coverage yesterday was what we have worked out, what this administration has been able to do in conjunction with the Mexican government and the massive and monumental moment that took place yesterday where catch-and-release has ended,” Sanders continued.

“It’s a sad day in America when Mexican government is doing more to protect the American people than Senate Democrats,” Sanders added. “I hope they will not let that be the case by the end of the day and they will work with us and work with the president and Senate Republicans to get this done and let everybody go home and let us start building the wall and let us start protecting our border.”
Source: DailyWire

It’s a sad day indeed.

The Democrats love to talk about who’s ‘in the pocket’ of this or that big corporation, right? But what about their Sugar Daddy George Soros? Aren’t most of them (and some RINOS) in HIS pocket to one degree or another? Have we considered the beliefs behind the money? Here’s what one of his fans at the Guardian had to say about Soros (emphasis added):

In Soros’s opinion, the only way to save capitalism from itself was to establish a “global system of political decision-making” that heavily regulated international finance. Yet as early as 1998, Soros acknowledged that the US was the primary opponent of global institutions; by this point in time, Americans had refused to join the International Court of Justice; had declined to sign the Ottawa treaty on banning landmines; and had unilaterally imposed economic sanctions when and where they saw fit. Still, Soros hoped that, somehow, American policymakers would accept that, for their own best interests, they needed to lead a coalition of democracies dedicated to “promoting the development of open societies [and] strengthening international law and the institutions needed for a global open society”.

But Soros had no programme for how to modify American elites’ increasing hostility to forms of internationalism that did not serve their own military might or provide them with direct and visible economic benefits. This was a significant gap in Soros’s thought, especially given his insistence on the primacy of ideas in engendering historical change. Instead of thinking through this problem, however, he simply declared that “change would have to begin with a change of attitudes, which would be gradually translated into a change of policies”. Soros’s status as a member of the hyper-elite and his belief that, for all its hiccups, history was headed in the right direction made him unable to consider fully the ideological obstacles that stood in the way of his internationalism.
Source: Guardian

Earlier in that same piece, it said:

For Soros, the goal of contemporary human existence is to establish a world defined not by sovereign states, but by a global community whose constituents understand that everyone shares an interest in freedom, equality and prosperity.

To borrow a phrase from Thomas Sewell, there is — quite literally — a conflict of visions between Trump and the radical Left.

Suddenly that decision between ‘America First’ and ‘Globalism’ doesn’t look like it’s so much about race anymore, is it? It’s really about ideas.

No WONDER Trump rattles so many cages.

He has no interest in letting America bow the knee to International Groupthink.

That’s why borders matter. That’s why foreign policy matters. That’s why the Constitution matters.

Trump drew a line in the sand. And the reasons why are pretty simple.

Trump does not want to see a fundamental change in America. He has this odd idea that American elected officials have an actual obligation to protect the interests of … Americans.

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