Epic Fail: The Media’s Nick Sandmann / Nathan Phillips Fail Was Bad… This Is Even Worse

Written by Wes Walker on January 26, 2019

Why do we call them media clowns? Because they’ve earned the nickname.

The PC police aren’t just hard at work here in America. Our outrage template has been copied and put into practice beyond our borders.

And in some cases, the student surpasses the master.

Exhibit A: the Canadian press.

Just like the Covington story, it all began with some students getting caught on camera doing something harmless. It even featured a drum, like Covington.

Just like the Covington story, slick opportunists saw an opportunity to use racism as a wedge issue to attack the people in the video.

The ‘crisis’ then followed the tried-and-true flowchart of apology-denunciations, social media outrage, threats, and doxxing.

And, just like Covington, it was only AFTER the media s—storm that everyone realized just HOW wrong they were. Lawyers had to get involved.

That’s the 30,000-foot view. Here are the particulars.

The video:

Saw this on Snapchat today and thought how disrespectful this is, first the elder and now this? What’s next..

Posted by Britney Commonda on Monday, January 21, 2019

An honest media report with a breakdown of the particulars, and how the media pile-on got it wrong:

The short version:

Locker-room video of a minor hockey team (notice that their ages range from 17-21) was leaked showing players hitting a plastic garbage-can lid with a hockey stick while dancing to a song called ‘Electric Powow‘ in a way that people immediately associated with indigenous culture.

Cue the cries of ‘racism’ and the denunciation of white people.

(Irony: if the lazy leftist outrage mob had bothered to check out the video before getting outraged, these ‘white racists’ would be praised for how ‘woke’ they are.)

League officials, predictably, denounced it as ‘wrong’ and said it ‘will not be tolerated’. They promised quick action against them, and apologized ‘on their behalf’.

Then came the media pile on, the doxxing and everything else you’d expect, up to and including the wish that they would die horrible deaths. Some even referencing the horrific Humboldt bus crash that killed almost an entire hockey team a year ago.

And then came the plot twist.

One of the boys who claimed to be in the video went to Facebook to mention that the three players are, in fact, Indigenous.

“I would just like to say I am deeply sorry for the actions we made and to clarify we were not trying to be racist or offending anyone or anything,” he wrote. “This video was us fooling around in the locker room and we weren’t using our heads.”

Indigenous relations consultant Jed Johns went on to say that their ethnicity was not the point.

“I don’t think it matters if they’re Indigenous or not,” said Johns. “It definitely stirs an emotional response.”
Source: KelownaNow

Just like Covington, the race-baiters are like a dog on a bone and refuse to let go of this story.

On Wednesday, a statement from lawyer Dwayne Roth, who is also CEO of the McKay Métis Group, said the teens are all Indigenous. Roth was acting as a spokesperson for the family of Chris Hamelin, the team captain who was in the video and a member of McMurray Métis Local 1935.

“The dance was intended as motivational and was reflective of Chris’ culture. It was in no way disrespectful of Indigenous culture,” he said.

Roth added Hamelin’s grandfather is “a respected Métis elder” named Joe Hamelin, and that the teen recently dyed his hair blonde to support a friend with cancer.

“The Hamelin family asks that the statement from Fort McMurray Junior Hockey Association be removed and respectfully asks media to update their coverage of this issue,” he said.
Source: FtMacMurray Today

The remote Northern Oil town is trying to bounce back from a massive wildfire that burned much of it to the ground just a couple of years ago, do they REALLY need to be dealing with bogus outrage stories, too?

Lawyers got involved in Covington, and are now launching defamation suits against those who helped whip up this story into the feeding frenzy it became.

Just like lawyers got involved and pried a Mea Culpa (plus hefty damages and the lawyers’ fees) out of an outlet that wrote a Hit Piece against Melania that once all the corrections were tallied, comes vanishingly close to being ‘fact-free’.

Perhaps defamation lawyers will get involved in this one too.

If it happens enough times, with judgments that cut deeply enough into the bottom line, maybe the cost of running bogus stories will outweigh the ‘clicks’ or the political gains that can be made by lying.

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