Flight Attendant Calls Out GROSS Passengers And Reveals SICKEST Thing She’s Ever Seen On Flight

Written by K. Walker on January 3, 2019

Have you seen any of THIS kind of behavior on a flight?

We’ll bet you’ve seen people put their feet on the backs of the seats, the armrests, or the wall, which is pretty bad. But nothing like what you’re going to see here.

Shawn Kathleen from Columbus, Ohio was a flight attendant and she decided to start an Instagram account to shame badly behaved and just plain gross passengers. She called it Passenger Shaming.

The former flight attendant was so fed up with her filthy fellow travellers that she decided to shame them on social media.

Appearing on Australian breakfast show Sunrise, the American former police officer and paramedic explained why she wanted to call out airline passengers with annoying habits – and the worst thing she’s seen on board.

Other flight attendants and disgruntled passengers have sent her pictures and video of what she terms ‘feral passengers’ that range from feet on the seats to dirty diapers left in the back seat pockets — to much, much worse.

When we travel, we hope our experience will go something like this:

But that’s just wishful thinking, amirite?

It’s more like this, isn’t it?

She said she believed a growing number of travellers behaved badly on board because they have a ‘sense of entitlement’.

‘People think that they spend an X amount of money on a flight so that entitles them to treat the aircraft as they wish,’ she said.

‘Unfortunately, the aircraft is not your living room and you’re on public transportation you’re not on a private jet. So keep the personal grooming personal.’

Amen, sister!

There’s nothing worse than traveling in a small space with people who think that they can do whatever they like with no respect for other people.

There are the My Hair Is More Important Than Your Entertainment travelers:

As someone with long hair, I just don’t get that. At the very least, put it in a braid, chickie!

Besides, the person behind you could decide that you don’t actually need long hair anymore:

Flight attendants find the most interesting things in the back pocket of the seats:

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#STEAKSONPLANES! ✈️????????????????????????‍♀️ Yes this is first class. Yes this is (was?) a T-bone steak that someone ate. Yes they put the bone & remains in the seat back pocket attached to the bulkhead. ????????‍♀️????✈️ FRED FLINTSONE SHIT, YO. #yabadabadoo ???? #SAVAGE @neanderthal AF ???? • • • #passengershaming #firstclass #NOPE #instagramaviation #firstclassflight #airplaneetiquette #frequentflyer #crewlife #aviation #cabincrew #avgeek #cabincrewlife #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #stewardess #flightattendantproblems #travel #flightattendants #instapassport #aviationgeek #FAlife #airtravel #travelgram #traveltips #pilot #travelling #frequentflier

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Flying with kids is difficult and can try even those with nerves of steel — but for crying out loud, don’t encourage your kids to be vandals and sociopaths!

Some people figure it’s a great time to get some laundry done. I really hope they didn’t use the bathroom sink… (more on that later.)

There are people out there that are really comfortable with their body. A little too comfortable.

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TAKE MONDAY BY THE BALLS!! #happymonday ✈️???????????????????????? #peepeesonplanes ???? #FUNDAYMONDAY #passengershaming #crewlife ••• STORY: A passenger was tied up and dragged off a plane after he stripped off and performed a sex act on himself while watching porn before attacking a stewardess, according to reports. The 20-year-old, reportedly from Bangladesh, shed his clothes, whipped out his laptop and began watching sex films shortly after the Malindo Air flight departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, according to local media. Credit: @thesun • • • #NOPE #airplaneetiquette #frequentflyer #crewlife #sassystew #aviation #cabincrew #avgeek #cabincrewlife #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #stewardess #flightattendantproblems #travel #flightattendants #instapassport #aviationgeek #FAlife #airtravel #travelgram #traveltips #pilot #pilotlife

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Others not so much. Here’s someone getting a pedicure to make sure that those feet beach ready:

Speaking of feet, way, way, WAY too many people take their shoes off during the flight:

That dude looks rightfully upset, but it could have been worse. Honestly.

That’s enough of that.

If you knew what went on in and around the bathroom, you’d never EVER take off your shoes on a plane again.

Some seem to be confused about where you do what:

Then again, some folks don’t want to bother to get up to go to the bathroom:

There is also just the truly bizarre:

What’s worse than the feet everywhere, the dirty diapers, the garbage, the naked people?

Kathleen says that there was one incident she was present for that stood out as the worst moment of all.

While working as a flight attendant, Ms Kathleen said she saw countless feral airline passengers – but there was one encounter that stands out from the rest.

‘The worst thing that I’ve personally seen was probably a gentleman who caught his hair on fire while he was in the lavatory during a flight smoking crack cocaine,’ she revealed.

Source: Daily Mail

Alrighty then. That was unexpected.

Well, if you didn’t hate air travel before, I’m sure you do now.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I go on a flight, I’m taking some Clorox Wipes.

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