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This State Won’t Execute Criminals But Will Kill Babies

Welcome to the state where convicted criminals literally have more rights than an unborn child.

Some of us are old enough to remember when those who opposed the death penalty tried to use our pro-life positions to discredit the execution of convicted criminals. But now, in New York, that argument doesn’t even work anymore.

In New York, Criminals are not executed. Cuomo, honoring his father, was very proud of opposing the death penalty.

Andrew isn’t the first Cuomo to reference religion and complex moral issues. His father Mario was torn over the abortion issue. He supported Roe V. Wade as a policy, but was personally opposed to it.

Abortion is the same thorny moral issue that Andrew was so VERY excited to announce changes in that he lit up the bridge named after his father in celebration.

Read Mario’s words and ask yourself if that’s not a bizarre way to pay tribute to his sincerely-held private beliefs.

As Catholics, my wife and I were enjoined never to use abortion to destroy the life we created, and we never have. We thought Church doctrine was clear on this, and — more than that — both of us felt it in full agreement with what our hearts and our consciences told us. For me life or fetal life in the womb should be protected, even if five of nine Justices of the Supreme Court and my neighbor disagree with me. A fetus is different from an appendix or a set of tonsils. At the very least, even if the argument is made by some scientists or some theologians that in the early stages of fetal development we can’t discern human life, the full potential of human life is indisputably there. That — to my less subtle mind — by itself should demand respect, caution, indeed . . . reverence.
Source: Mario Cuomo Archived Text

Strange how the Governor chose NOT to drape his Abortion decision in the kind of Catholic imagery he invoked while claiming the moral high ground on Capital Punishment, don’t you think?

Criminals are not to be executed, but babies lives are literally worth nothing until the very moment they are born. Because by law, they now have no legal protection as a person until that point.

Even then… so far as the government is concerned, the babies’ lives are only worth something if they weren’t born during an attempt to snuff out their little lives even before they’ve begun to live them.

Since abortions no longer need to be performed by a fully-accredited doctor, there’s no guarantee that an inconvenient cry might not be unceremoniously silenced. You know, just like the stance radically pro-abortion Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama once took against born-alive legislation. (Related, See: Kermit Gosnell)

Here’s Matt Walsh dropping some truth bombs:

Second, late-term abortion is never necessary to protect a woman’s life or health. No late-term abortion has ever been committed for the sake of saving a woman’s life. It has never happened and will never happen. I repeat: there is never any circumstance, ever, where a late-term abortion is medically necessary. It could be necessary, in the case of some kind of cataclysmic complication, to remove the child from his mother’s womb. But it is never necessary to kill the child before removing him. There is no medical reason to take that extra step of preemptively killing the child.

Just to drive home the point, here is how a late-term abortion — the kind of abortion just legalized in New York — is carried out: as it has been explained by a former abortionist, the baby is injected with a poison directly into his skull or torso. He then suffers a hideously painful death, which he will certainly feel because of his developed nervous system. The mother carries the corpse around in her womb for a day. The next day, there is an ultrasound to check if the baby is dead. If he isn’t — if he has been writhing and suffering in agony for the past 24 hours, clinging onto life — then he will be injected again. The following day, the mother delivers her dead child. Sometimes she delivers him at the clinic, but if she can’t make it on time, the clinic is perfectly happy to recommend that she give birth into her toilet.

The crucial fact is that a delivery must happen either way. If a mother in the third trimester decides she doesn’t want or can’t have her baby inside her, she is going to have to deliver him one way or another. The only question is whether she will deliver a dead child or a living one. Giving a lethal injection to the child may be the more convenient route, but it is certainly not the safer or healthier or more necessary one.
Source: Daily Wire

Back to the lethal injection point.

Walsh made the appalling observation that both abortion — which is celebrated in New York — and the execution of criminals — which Cuomo wants outlawed in New York — have one thing in common.

Death by lethal injection.

What does that mean?

It means the only people left in the entire State who need fear such an insufferable and inhumane fate will be the ones whose screams we cannot hear.

That’s one HELL of a legacy Governor Cuomo.

Molech would be proud.

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