WATCH: Transgender Woman Has A Fit After Being Called ‘Sir’, Tells Man At Alamo Rent-A-Car ‘I’m A Ma’am … Suck My D***!’

Written by Wes Walker on January 25, 2019

Such language! You, sir, are no lady.

[As you might expect, there’s a language warning on this one.]

If this lunk expects people to play along with his delusions, he should really rethink his choice of language.

Savanna Maria Garcia, a Transgender, uh, ‘celebrity’ (apparently a TV personality and transgender model) got really upset while getting a rental car, and thought it would be a good idea to publish the exchange on social media because ‘she’ was ‘being misgendered’.

What was the problem? Security was calling him ‘sir’ while throwing his obnoxious ass off their property. Watch:

How. Dare. They.

Alternatively, you could not spout off like an entitled princess thinking the world owes you a favor. Plenty of Hollywood types have learned that same lesson the hard way.

Just ask Alec Baldwin how his tantrum over a parking spot worked out for him.

Now the new money in Social Media has to figure out they still need to live among the little people in a way that won’t come back and bite them in the butt.

Garcia has not yet learned this lesson.

He was chanting ‘Know your pronouns’ in the most aggressively inarticulate way imaginable.

Dude — security is escorting your rude ass off the property for, let’s call it ‘conduct unbecoming’, and you presume to lecture THEM about morality? Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones’ you thin-skinned little princess?

“It’s a world out here…” he lectured, oblivious to the fact that he had failed to learn exactly that lesson.


And when the security guard finally DOES humor the arrogant snot with a ‘Miss’ just to be done with it…

‘Suck my d*ck, like you said man, I’m a ‘him’…

That could be the first honest thing he’s said in the entire clip.

Then Garcia leaves threatening them with what’s going to happen to THEM for his disgraceful behavior.

Funny how someone with ZERO respect for those around him thinks others OWE him the courtesy of playing along with his fantasy world.

Not gonna happen. Maybe if you tried being civil, this would never have come up.

Finally, if he must insist on being treated as a ‘lady’… maybe he should start behaving as one.

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