Adam Schiff – Today’s Captain Ahab – Still Seeking Revenge After Tucker Carlson Bit His Leg Off

Written by Stephen Ryan on February 14, 2019

After the US Senate investigative committee announced that they could find no evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian Government to “rig” the election, Rachel Maddow, instead of informing her viewers of this important development, chose to lead her show with a look back at Trump’s inauguration missteps.

As Rachel Maddow was making her way through a twilight zone of a monologue, she looked like she was drowning. Her face said: “Is this the night that every single viewer watching me right now will turn the channel never to return because they know they’ve been had?”

But the indomitable Rachel Maddow powered through the show taking endless swats at Donald Trump the pinata. She had nothing to say about Trump collusion – the news out was not to her liking – but Maddow understands the power of pinata parties. They are not about seeing candy fall to the ground, but rather it’s all about watching savages beat the hell out of something. Rachael gets this. At the end of the day, she is a showman, not a news journalist.

As the Mueller investigation moves towards its end, seemingly without bombshells, the only hope Rachel Maddow has left of avoiding total humiliation for being so wrong and for wasting (collectively) millions of hours of people’s time is Congressman Adam Schiff. Rachel is not alone with the need for Schiff’s special talents. Chuck Todd, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and dozens of other resting faces on cable TV are alarmed at the impending doom and are in need of some muscle. And boy do they have their guy in Adam Schiff.

When it comes to tenacity in pursuit of something rotten between Russia and Trump, Mr. Schiff is today’s version of Captain Ahab. The man is obsessed. Mr. Schiff is not seeking the truth but rather revenge. And it’s not just revenge against the great white whale – President Donald Trump, he’s looking to harpoon the little Orca, the killer whale that bit off his leg – cable tv host Tucker Carlson.

For news junkies, the on-air squabble that took place at the onset of “RussiaGate” between Adam Schiff and Tucker Carlson is legendary and is considered one of the great cable TV cage fights of all time.

After a few testy exchanges, Adam Schiff wondered out loud if Tucker Carlson was a Russian agent. Big mistake. Terribly offended that Schiff would accuse him on national television that he was a foreign agent, the cable tv host pounced. Tucker Carlson chomped down hard on his throat (where the noise was coming from) and then proceeded to rip him to shreds. Adam Schiff was demolished. Mr. Harvard Law School was humiliated on national TV by the cable guy. Tucker Carlson quickly rose to fame as Adam Schiff stewed and plotted revenge.

With the sun setting on the Mueller investigation, the intrepid Mr. Schiff understands it’s now or never. Schiff again has rigged his boat and made his way out to sea armed with unlimited access to TV cameras and an ocean full of friendly TV news hosts who all know he’s mad but they have no choice; they need the fool because he’s the only guy left willing to chuck harpoons. Adam Schiff is in the thick of the hunt now. He’s on TV more than the “Pillow Guy”.

Adam Schiff is so determined to get his revenge on Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump to save his own skin that he is willing to undermine the will of American people. He belittles the Mueller investigation, saying it did not go far enough. From Politico: “On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the California Democrat cited reporting that Trump had once sought to fire Mueller over reports that investigators had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank — crossing a “red line” into his family’s finances —”If the special counsel hasn’t subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, he (Mueller) can’t be doing much of a money laundering investigation.”

Adam Schiff is determined to end the freely elected President’s term by any means necessary. This is really awful stuff. Two years of a special counsel investigation headed by the very determined and the very competent former head of the FBI, Robert Mueller resulting in many ruined lives and prison terms have left Adam Schiff unsatisfied. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent on the Trump Russia investigations is not enough for Adam Schiff. Now US Senate has found no evidence of “collusion” yet the phone still rings in Adam Schiff’s office – it’s not so much his constituents calling but rather its producers from MSNBC and CNN with more harpoons hoping Adam Schiff would stop by and throw a few more on their television show.

Stephen Ryan is the author of the political thriller and Amazon best-seller The Madonna Files and is the publisher of Catholic news site Mystic Post.