This New TRUMP PAINTING Will Make Pelosi Mess Her Drawers

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2019

What makes POTUS 45 different from so many other elected Republicans? He doesn’t run from a fight.

He’s bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Cowboy Up.’

Not only did Trump find a way to best 16 other Republican contenders, including Ted Cruz, who he acknowledged as “one hell of a competitor” and a “tough, smart guy”, but he took on the Clinton election machine — and won.

He didn’t just beat Clinton, he beat the the Media(D)’s lapdogs in the PartisanPress. He beat Hollywood. He beat late night ‘comedy’ shows. He beat Democrat plants inciting violence to discredit his rallies. He beat Silicon Valley.

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And in a plot twist that we only learned after the fact… he beat the people who weaponized the CIA and the FBI against his Presidential Run.

Even the Ukraine government seems to have been in on it, as they’re currently investigating the role of Ukranian nationals rigging US elections to help Hillary.

Those were some long odds. But that didn’t stop Trump.

Well, what did you expect? He DID promise there would be ‘so much winning’, didn’t he?

So he backed up his promise with results. #Boom.

The Left’s usual attacks may have had ordinary Republicans sweating bullets, and holding back, but Trump’s not like the usual politicians. He doesn’t fear what they fear. Washington’s Donor and political class didn’t make Trump who he is, so they can’t take it away. He owes them no fealty.

When the Left’s favorite weapons turned Trump’s way, he had a reaction they didn’t expect. It looked a little like this scene from Tombstone:

“I’m your Huckleberry.”

“Say when.”

This was NOT the ‘fainting goat’ reaction the Left is so used to getting from RINOS and Republican Presidential hopefuls.

Standing up to the bullies was the one response the Left’s political machine was completely unprepared for… and Trump knew it. It’s why we elected him in the first place.

It inspired latest in the MAGA series of our very own Resident Artist, Doug Giles capturing that same defiant spirit perfectly.

If you would like a copy for yourself — or a loved one — as a reminder of why we don’t back down from a fight, you’re in luck.

Prints are now available (without the watermark, of course!):

– 18×24” giclée on canvas stretched print is $450.

– A 18×24” giclée on canvas unstretched is $250.

– A 18×24” poster print is $80.

If you love it, and just have to have the original, act fast. They’re often already sold by the time the prints become available to the public: 18×24”. Oil on Canvas. $3000


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