Dem Lawmaker Regarding Abortion: ‘Some Kids Are Unwanted, Kill Them Now Or Kill The Later’

Written by Wes Walker on May 2, 2019

Democrats really love abortion — and they really suck at logic. (Maybe the two are related.)

New York and Vermont flexed their State Rights in making broad-sweeping changes to abortion law earlier this year — removing nearly all limtiations to abortion.

Meanwhile, some states are taking that same legal perogative in exactly the opposite direction.

The Alabama House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to outlaw almost all abortions in the state as conservatives took aim at the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives voted 74-3 for legislation that would make it a felony to perform an abortion at any stage in a woman’s pregnancy. The proposal passed after Democrats walked out of the chamber after sometimes emotional debate with opponents and supporters crowding the gallery. The bill now moves to the Alabama Senate.

Supporters said the bill is intentionally designed to conflict with the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationally, hoping to spark court cases that might prompt the justices to revisit Roe. The bill contains an exemption for situations in which there is a serious risk to the mother’s health, but not for rape and incest.
Source: AP

Watch the reason this elected Democrat gives for his full-throated support of abortion.

Some kids are unwanted, he says.

And what happens to unwanted kids, in his thinking? They go to the electric chair.

Oh really?

Let’s test that logic.

In NYC, there is a big difference in abortion rates among black babies compared to other ethnic groups — for whatever reason. In fact, the new statistic is that half of all black babies in New York are now aborted before they even see the light of day.

If we were to accept Alabama State Rep John Rodgers’s logic, one must conclude that these black babies have a far higher incidence of criminality than all other ethnic groups.

Does he really believe black babies have a greater tendency to grow up to be criminals?

If so, he should tell activist groups concerned about disparities of incarceration to stand down, and put their efforts toward supporting abortion, instead.

We find it difficult to believe that if one out of every two black babies grew up only to be marched off to the electric chair — as he suggests — that he would shrug his shoulders and say they should have been aborted.

We at ClashDaily suggest his argument is nothing more than a convenient lie.

That, or he has a far more dim view of black youth today than any of the supposedly ‘racist’ Republicans fighting for unborn babies — including those in New York — to see the light of day.

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