This NEW Trump Painting Will Not Be Liked By Liberals, Iran Or The Devil

Written by Wes Walker on May 20, 2019

This one captures the spirit of a time when real men walked with a swagger, and only a fool would mess with them.

Do you remember? There was a time when men could be men without society’s pajama-clad, hot-chocolate sipping hall monitors losing their collective minds over it?

And yes, the ladies seemed to be cool with that arrangement, too.

Some of you may even be too young to remember a time when the sniveling tinkerpot was the weird guy in the crowd. That swagger may be harder to find these days but it’s not dead yet.

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If you loved it when PC pearl-clutchers didn’t scold men for embracing the testosterone-fog of their natural raw masculinity, you’re going to love the latest offering Doug Giles, our Resident Artist, is serving up from his MAGA series.

This one is riffing off of a famous shot of Brando from The Wild Ones…

With a MAGA twist…

The original is SOLD.


Oil on Canvas.

Giclée on canvas prints, of various sizes, both stretched and unstretched, are available.

– A 18×24” giclée on canvas stretched print is $450.

– A 18×24” giclée on canvas unstretched is $250.

– A 18×24” luster paper print is $100 and is available HERE

Please Note: your purchased print will not have the ‘DougGiles.Art’ watermark on it.


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