Transgender Woman Gets A Tilapia Vajayjay — No This Is Not Satire

Written by K. Walker on May 17, 2019

Following a botched surgery, doctors used the skin of a fish to reconstruct a vagina.

I swear I’m not making this up.

Something similar was done for a 23-year old woman who had a medical condition where she was born without a cervix, uterus, or ovaries.

Maju, a 35-year old transgender woman began the transition from male to female 20 years ago with family support after realizing that she was “a woman trapped in a man’s body” in her early teens.

In 1999, Maju was just the fourth person in Brazil to undergo a penile inversion vaginoplasty, colloquially referred to as “transfeminine bottom surgery,” to create a vagina using the tissue of the penis. At the time, the surgery was still experimental.

Unfortunately, there were complications. Ten years ago, Maju began to suffer from vaginal stenosis, a condition where the opening of the vagina narrows and shortens, eventually, the canal collapsed. Maju suffered constant discomfort and the condition prevented sexual intercourse with her partner of 12 years, from whom she is now divorced.

On April 23, Maju underwent neovaginoplasty, a three-hour operation to repair the damaged vagina using tilapia skin. The surgery uses a “tubular-shaped acrylic mold wrapped with the skin of the freshwater fish in the form of a biological prosthesis to rebuild and extend the vaginal canal.”

In Brazil, due to shortages of pig skin and human tissue in public hospitals, tilapia skin, (which is plentiful in Brazil and was normally thrown out as waste,) has been used to treat burns with great success. Doctors report that the tilapia skin is inexpensive and promotes rapid healing as well as reducing the need for pain medication for burn victims.

Now the skin is being used for other surgeries.

The fish skin is prepared for the surgery using a special cleaning and sterilization process. This is then followed by radiation exposure to kill any viruses. This process removes the scales and odor from the tilapia skin, which leaves behind a light-colored gel dressing that can be stored for two years in sterile, refrigerated packaging.

The surgery uses two molds to create the new vagina in the patient.

The process involved inserting two separate molds to create the new vagina. The first device, mounted with the marine membrane, was incorporated inside the vagina over a period of six days.

In contact with the patient’s body, the sterilized and odor-free fish skin displays stimulatory cell growth properties. It is rich in type 1 collagen a substance that promotes healing and has a firmness and elasticity which is as strong and resilient as human skin.

The tilapia membrane attached to and recoated the walls of the vaginal canal acting like stem cells. These were absorbed into the body, transforming into cellular tissue similar to that of an actual vagina.

The second device is described as a “very big tampon” made from silicone which remains in the body for 6 months to prevent the walls from closing in. It can then be removed after this period when necessary.

The use of tilapia skin is being praised as a breakthrough in gynecological surgery.

Professor Leonardo Bezerra, who was on the medical team which performed the surgery on Maju. He told FocusOn News, “We were able [to] create a vagina of physiological length, both in thickness and by enlarging it and the patient has recovered extremely well. She is walking around with ease, has no pain and is urinating normally. In a couple [of] months we believe she will be able to have sexual intercourse.”

[Insert “Shape of Water” jokes here.]

Bezerra said that the traditional procedure that had been used on transgender women frequently ends in vaginal closure.

He explained: “This is because, in the traditional procedure, most of the inside parts of the penis are removed and the penile skin is folded into the space between the urethra and the rectum. The outside skin of the penis then becomes the inside of the vagina.

“But because the patient has had hormonal treatment to develop female characteristics, there is penile and testicle atrophy resulting in shrinkage in the size of the penis caused from the loss of tissue. This means the vagina can also be small.”

Before the surgery could begin, further complications were discovered by the medical team due to “apparent levels of incompetence” during the original surgery on Maju which left “remnants of cavernous bodies, erectile tissue structures” in the vaginal space, and more than one narrow vaginal canal.

Yikes. That is some level of incompetence.

“The presence of these leftovers of the penis aggravated the closure of the vaginal tract, worsening the symptoms,” said Bezerra.

To reverse this problem, the most common method is to do a skin graft taken from other parts of the body, usually from the intestines, to increase the width and length of the canal. This type of surgery is invasive, long and leaves scars.

Bezerra said: “The great benefit of our technique is that it’s minimally invasive and there’s no need to do abdominal incisions.”
Source: New York Post

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