Video: Did CNN Just Make The Dumbest Pregnancy Claim Ever?

Written by Wes Walker on May 8, 2019

This chica must be watching too many late-night sci-fi flicks.

How can people with such intensely strong opinions about fetal development know so very little about it?

Look at what’s happened since Trump put Kavanaugh in as SCOTUS. He’s torn the mask off and made the Left lose their ever-loving minds.

They’ve gone from a ‘moderate’ position of abortion around 20 weeks (which, globally, is still pretty aggressive) to the full-on refusal of House Democrats to vote on a bill making infanticide through negligence illegal.

What has them so spooked? Abortion has become the defacto Sacrament of the new cult of Leftism. It is never acceptable to suggest any limit of any kind on it.

(The political clout and money Planned Parenthood throws around, including a couple of million PP threw into the Virginia campaign of Governor Infanticide and Blackface (or was he the guy in the Klan hood?) himself suggests another explanation for the rabid Leftist support of abortion.

To quote Ilhan Omar — it just might be “all about the Benjamins”.

Christine Quinn was a panelist on CNN defending abortion with zero awareness of biological facts.

Say what?

NOT a human being, she said.

The first thing to come to mind was one of these little fellas from Alien:

But no, she was saying something much worse than that.

She was dehumanizing life itself.

Remember, we’re now debating abortion right up to the moment of delivery (and judging by their refusal to sign anti-infanticide law, sometimes, even beyond that).

What is she really saying here?

She’s saying that:

Despite the baby’s unique blood type that may differ, or even be dangerous if mixed with the mother’s…

Despite having unique DNA that will be unchanged for the rest of his or her life…

Despite having mannerisms that will continue into childhood and beyond…

Researchers from University of Padova in Italy recently studied 3D ultrasound videos of five sets of twins in the womb. When the fetuses were just 14 weeks old, the researchers noticed that the pairs seemed to be reaching out for each other, touching head to head and arm to head. At 18 weeks, they were stroking each other more often and were in physical contact about 30 percent of the time. Even more phenomenal, the fetuses seemed to be extra gentle when touching around their siblings’ eyes (likely because this area is so delicate, the researchers posit).
Source: EveryDayHealth

Despite having gender-specific brain activity in utero…

It’s Science: Scans Show Difference Between Male and Female Brains — In Utero!

The fetus is, to Christine Quinn — functionally — nothing more than a tumor, unless and until the mother decides otherwise.

It takes some real mental gymnastics to reach that conclusion. Or worse. It takes a willful suppression of truth.

Should that really surprise us, though?

Killing a person is abhorrent to our nature. Killing a baby even more so.

But not to everyone.

Some cultures have found a way to suppress that instinct.

Nazi Germany, for instance, managed to kill millions of civilians in cold blood. How did they do it? The same way Christine Quinn is granting permission for the extermination of babies — by robbing ‘the enemy’ of their humanity.

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the people calling for the Jews to be beheaded are in many cases also taught they are descended from pigs and dogs?

If the Nazis (for example) had truly accepted that Jews are just as human as everybody else, then logically, killing them wholesale would be an outrageous act of wholesale murder.

How is this same sentence any less meaningful with the words ‘unborn babies’ replacing the word ‘Jews’?

If the Pro-life crowd seems to be overly ‘dogmatic’, ask yourself whether someone radically opposed to Nazis carting Jewish men, women and children to the gas chambers of Treblinka or Birkenau would be considered overly ‘dogmatic’ for not accepting some kind of a compromise with the Final Solution?

Biologically, those babies are NOT “the woman’s body” in any meaningful respect. They are simply calling it home until they are big enough to become an entirely dependent child in a different way than the one they were in utero.

If killing the infant simply because it inconveniences the mom is objectively wrong, then the burden of proof is on the advocate of killing life to explain how killing the baby in utero is different than killing him once he’s felt the sun on his skin.

Sorry, chica, tumors don’t have their own blood supply and brainwaves. You’ll have to do better than that.

And that was just the 6-second clip.

What you need to see is how the Second Dumbest Man on Television™ joins Christine Quinn to gang up on Rick Santorum.

It wasn’t a fair fight at all.

Those two knuckleheads didn’t have a chance.


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