WTF: National Brand Uses Drag Queen To Promote Cookies For … Mother’s Day?

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2019

What inbred marketing half-wit thought this would be a great product pitch? Does this ad make you MORE likely or LESS likely to purchase those cookies?

What sort of conversation leads to something this stupid getting a green-light?

Was it something like this?

Frank: Ok, team. How can we make our product more appealing to more people? Is there some kind of pop-culture bandwagon we can leverage for extra reach?

Jimmy: Say no more! I’ve got just the thing! Drag Queens are really popular right now!

[Followed by the awkward nods of a bunch of middle-manager lemmings terrified to be the only one who not ‘woke’ enough to think this is a great plan.]

Are we being too harsh? Judge for yourself.

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How do you feel about Mother’s Day being co-opted for ‘drag moms’?

Before you answer the question of whether it was too harsh, remember this: the origins of Mother’s Day were specifically NOT this crazy commercial enterprise. It was intended as something far more practical.

[Anna] Jarvis was very intentional about the name of her holiday. It’s Mother’s Day — as in one mom. The way Jarvis put it, Mother’s Day is a day to honor “the best mother who ever lived, yours.”
But Mother’s Day became way more popular than she expected. People today honor any mom-like figure in their lives. SourcCNN

She became an activist against her own day…

She also didn’t like the selling of flowers and the use of greetings cards which she described as “a poor excuse for a letter you are too lazy to write”. She organised boycotts of Mother’s Day and threatened lawsuits against companies involved, eventually being arrested for protesting at a Mother’s Day carnation sale by the American War Mothers.
Source: Yahoo

The woman spent time in an asylum, and became a reclusive hoarder in her later years. Imagine what it would have done to her had she lived to see the day she had dedicated to her mother’s memory hijacked by men dressed up as women.

So — did the ad work?

Are you rushing off to pick up a pack of those cookies? Or nah?

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