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‘Experts’ Now Calling This Favorite Schoolyard Game A ‘Tool Of Oppression’

The schoolyard version of ‘Survivor’ may go the way of the lawn dart, if ‘authorities’ get their way. And so, the endless march of the sissifying of children continues unabated…


If you are of a certain age — and went to public school — you know exactly the kind of a red rubber ball that made that distinctive sound. It was the one that you hoped desperately would NOT make that noise while bouncing off your face.

Dodgeball. It was the kind of game that taught us about the cold hard truth of merit.

And now a team of researchers are lecturing teachers that Dodgeball runs afoul of all five ‘faces’ of oppression.

The researchers add that dodgeball “reinforces the five faces of oppression” as defined by the late University of Chicago theorist Iris Marion Young. Those are marginalization, powerlessness, helplessness of those perceived as weaker, exploitation and cultural domination, according to the abstract.
Source: DailyCaller

Well, it’s not SUPPOSED to be a joke. But we’ll mock them anyway.

What’s the problem with it? It’s ‘out of step’ with the Candyass Curriculum they’re trying to push.

A team of Canadian researchers are set to lecture teachers about the moral dangers of dodgeball, a sport they say teaches kids to single out and violently dominate weaker students.

Dodgeball is a tool of “oppression” and “miseducative,” the researchers say in the abstract of a paper cited by the National Post, which they will present in Vancouver at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, a summit for thousands of academics happening in early June. The “hidden curriculum” it teaches students is out of step with the larger curriculum, they argue.

“As we consider the potential of physical education to empower students by engaging them in critical and democratic practices, we conclude that the hidden curriculum is antithetical to this project, even when it reflects the choices of the strongest and most agile students,” the abstract reads.
Source: DailyCaller

Ah, yes — academia: where childhood fun goes to die. And just because these dopes are pushing this in the Great White North doesn’t mean we won’t have some self-important SJW importing that dumb idea here, too. We should be so lucky. In fact, the cancer is already spreading:

The sport has been targeted by progressive activists in the United States as well. A group of teachers and education experts attempted to ban the dodgeball in Louisiana in 2017, but failed to get the initiative past the state school board.

“Dodgeball is an activity that we know many of our students enjoy,” the board’s vice president told a Baton Rouge newspaper. “We want to be careful that we don’t create regulations that would stand in the way of students getting fit and enjoying P.E.”
Source: DailyCaller

No, this will eventually be rolled in with all the other soul-crushing joy-devouring, ‘great ideas’ foisted upon us by the ‘experts’ from on high.

Forget the fact that INCREASING schoolyard activity has shown a near-miraculous change in student behavior, including a measurable drop in ADHD symptoms.

Forget the fact that the role of roughhousing and play is well-established in its role in helping young (whether human or animal) to gain the life skills needed in adulthood.

This was written about animals, but has obvious applications to this topic:

Movement and body play:
Jump, run, stretch the body or even vocalize (e.g. by singing or growling) are all of them activities more beneficious than you think. The body play allows organisms to test the limits of their own body and of their surrounding environment (How far I am able to jump? Which effect has the gravity on my own body? Am I flexible enough to stretch my body and reach the next branch?).

Movement and corporal play produce a feeling of joy on organisms. In addition, they help organisms to earn self-confidence and they seems to have an important effect on brain organization.
Source: AllYouNeedIsBiology

As far as human Play and Developmental Stages go:

[Age 9-14] …Play in the preteen years often is a group production, and the pastimes kids prefer reflect that. Many complex head games for several players, and equipment for organized sports or activities (baseball bat and glove, racket/paddle games) is often a hit. Electronic games are also popular, played either on en masse or by competitive turns.
Source: Child Development Info

Have the people in this study bothered to ask the kids what THEY thought about it? Some of us absolutely LOVED it for the OPPOSITE of the reasons the study gives.

Dodgeball is a sport where you don’t need an arm like a cannon, or eye-hand coordination to hit a fly ball, or massive strength, or crazy footspeed. It was a chance for a little guy to test his ability to stay one step ahead of whoever was chucking the ball. A quick duck and weave. A well-timed stutter-step. Twisting and pivoting to stay out of the way.

It was an opportunity for the skinny little kid [like yours truly] to have his day in the sun, athletically.

And killjoy authoritarians stripping away this part of childhood with so many others is a sign of what’s gone wrong with the ‘expert’ class of today.

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