Leftists Celebrate ‘DragKids’ Cites RuPaul’s Drag Race For The Rise In Crossdressing Kids

Written by K. Walker on June 5, 2019

Some say that these kids are “fierce” and just expressing themselves. Others say that they are being abused.

Right up front, let me say that I’m not a fan of Drag Queens. I think that this “art” is a vile caricature of women and femininity by gay men. It doesn’t seem like appreciation as much as it is appropriation and mockery much like Minstrel Shows perpetuated stereotypes of African Americans. I especially don’t like it when innocent children are indoctrinated into the gender-bending just so that their progressive parents can virtue signal their “wokeness” in embracing the LGBT2IQCAPGNGFNBA.

Leftists, however, they looove the emergence of kids embracing drag culture.

NBC says that DragKids are “slaying the runway one fierce look at a time.”

The sudden surge of crossdressing preteens is due (in part) to the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and that parents are watching with their kids.

MTV News gushed in their article, “How RuPaul’s Drag Race Has Inspired A Younger Generation Of Fans,” that RuPaul’s DragCon is a “safe, supportive space for kids to express themselves freely.”

The article begins:

From babies in tulle dresses to pre-teens in fully fainted faces (often flanked by parents, some of whom in various states of drag themselves), DragCon, now in its fifth year, once again proved itself to be not just a safe space for but a celebration of young people wanting to experiment or express themselves freely from a culture that often polices — consciously and subconsciously — gender presentation.

In our current culture of libertinism which embraces “gender on a spectrum” and eschews the gender binary, so-called “experts” are telling us that it’s totally fine to confuse children about gender and biology. Nevermind that very young children (and in rare cases as old as 11 or 12) cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. What’s that got to do with anything?

Just because Drag was a typically hypersexualized performance-based art relegated to nightclubs doesn’t mean that it’s not appropriate for children, does it?

DragCon by its very construct is revolutionary in the access it gives young people to drag. An art form that is often relegated to nightclubs for a 21+ crowd, this three-day convention, open to anyone of any age, gives young people access to their favorite queens. Through RuPaul’s Drag Race, audiences have been able to watch and get to know contestants who help more wholly round out the vast array of gender expressions and sexualities that exist within the spectrum. But DragCon gives them the opportunity to exist in a room full of people like them, and if not exactly like them, a room full of people devoid of judgement. This is not to say the LGBTQ community is without judgment of one another, as was the case in a now-viral tweet seeking to ban kink and fetishes at Pride, but to spotlight the power in normalizing otherness from a young age by subverting that which can often be deemed “other.”

Well, it’s nice that they’re looking at banning kink and fetishes at Pride. Is it banned at DragCon, I wonder?

Who thinks that this is a completely appropriate venue for children?!

Apparently one of the winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Alaska Thunderf*ck. No, really.

“I’m always inspired by it and I love that this is a family affair because the kids bring the parents or the parents bring the kids and we all get to see this crazy thing called drag,” Alaska Thunderfuck, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 2, tells MTV News. “I can’t imagine if I was a kid and had this. The closest thing we had was seeing cats on water skis at SeaWorld. That was drag to a child. With this art form, these kids get to express themselves, whatever that is, and they get to play around with gender which I think is something we shouldn’t be strict about. Gender is something to play around with.”

Another winner, Latrice Royale, agrees… but then, for a moment, wonders if there is a problem in exposing children to the world of Drag before they can completely understand it.

“I couldn’t even imagine this as a child because I’m still here — my old 47-year-old self — overwhelmed, and can’t believe what I’m looking at around me,” Latrice Royale, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 and All Stars 4, says. “It definitely would have given me a sense of ‘I found my tribe.’ There are people that understand me and get me. And I wouldn’t have felt so alone and isolated and scared all the time in not knowing who I was. This really gives all these kids growing up the answers that folks like me didn’t have and the support.”

Still, Royale admits she sometimes gets mixed emotions about it all, asking herself if these kids are too young to know. “But no, ’cause I remember when I was that young, I knew that I was different and I knew I felt a certain way and I didn’t have a safe place to express it.”

It’s all about allowing the kids to be themselves. It’s not like they’re being exploited by their parents for idiotic virtue signaling plus the fame and/or money.

And I mean, it isn’t like these young boys dressing up like girls are exposed to naked men, right?

DISGUSTING: Little Kid Dressed In Drag Poses With Nude Dude Drag Queen

Of course, gender identity doesn’t equal sexuality, right? Of course not! Except when a “DragKid” comes out as gay at an incredibly early age. How does a child understand sexual attraction pre-puberty?! It’s just one of those mysteries that you could ask his “momanger” who is currently leveraging his popularity on social media accounts into appearances, public speaking, LGBTQ activism, and ancillary business ventures like the “Haus Amazing” a drag house exclusively for kids.

“Desmond is Amazing” is the 11-year old boy that is a DragKid, an LGBTQ activist, performed in a couple of gay bars and had dollar bills thrown at him by cheering adult men, and appeared on a YouTube show hosted by Michael Alig who spent almost 17 years in prison for the manslaughter death and dismemberment of a drug dealer. For some unknown reason, strangers keep calling Child Protective Services to check in on the family.

The co-founders of World Of Wonder, Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, were also co-creators of both RuPaul’s Drag Race and DragCon. They see the younger generation embracing drag as not just appreciation for the “art” but as “a testament to their relationship with gender and identity.” They’re breakin’ beyond the binary, baby!

“Younger generations are way beyond the confines of the binary. Let’s not forget, they are growing up to become the broader society. It’s so exciting that we are moving beyond the stereotypical norms that have wrought so much harm to previous generations,” they tell MTV News, noting that looking and living beyond the confines of the gender binary is hardly a new idea, making reference to Native Americans, who valued the contributions of two-spirited people.

“Our own experience growing up was that there were restrictive expectations about what was male and what was female,” they add. “The myth of normal and the straight jacket of conformity not only benefits no one, but also fails to adequately describe any single one of us — gay or straight. The audiences at DragCon show that the time is up for these obsolete ideas.”

Source: MTV News

A trailer for a documentary on DragKids was released earlier this year:

Am I the only one that sees this overt sexualizing of children as a pathway to normalizing pedophilia?

There is already a movement to normalize pedophilia as a legitimate “sexual orientation” just like heterosexuality.

Increasingly, Drag Queens are revealing their journey from coming out as gay, to dressing in drag, to the realization that they are actually transgender women. One DragRace contestant, Gia Gunn explains how the difficult process of self-discovery began “as being born a biological boy to a gay male to a drag queen to an androgynous, beautiful being, to now, a transgender woman.”

But hey, kids can handle that, right?

No, no they can’t.

Take it from Walt Heyer who was transgender and assists people in “detransitioning” to their biological gender.

Look, I don’t care what kind of choices you make as an adult. Those are your choices and you’ll have to live with them. Dress up like a pink flamingo wearing a tutu for all I care. The difference here is that these are children. They cannot make informed choices or do whatever they want. That’s why we have certain age restrictions on things like driving a car or drinking alcohol. Children rely on the adults around them to steer them in the right direction, and if they aren’t doing that then they’re failing as parents and mentors.

Maybe if the adults stepped up and were parents instead of friends to their children the kids wouldn’t need to seek attention by crossdressing.

It seems to me that the parents of these “DragKids” should read this book.

Consider it Parenting 101.

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