OJ Simpson Is On Twitter For 4 Days And He’s Already THREATENED A Man Using KNIFE Emojis

Written by Wes Walker on June 19, 2019

Of all the emojis out there, are you SURE a KNIFE emoji was your best play there, Orenthal?

It seems OJ is taking a break from his tireless search for the ‘real killer’, and has finally taken the plunge on social media.

Not surprisingly, like so many other internet circus freaks, he’s drawing a crowd. Only a couple of days after launching his account, he’s nearly up to three-quarters of a million followers.

If they’re waiting for him to do something outlandishly stupid, they didn’t have long to wait.

OJ, apparently has an underdeveloped sense of humor, and is unfamiliar with the concept of ‘parody accounts’. When parody accounts of HIM popped up, (there were several) he took them personally.

He took them VERY personally. (He’s also obviously unfamiliar with the ‘Streisand Effect’.)

He sent a very pissed-off threatening direct message to the parody account itself, which the owner of the parody account was good enough to turn into a video for us to laugh at Orenthal’s pathetically thin-skinned self.

If that wasn’t enough… he sent several knife emojis in another set of Direct Messages:

And if you’re wondering why we should believe a guy with a parody account, he posted “proof” that this was real this morning:

For a ‘tough guy’ OJ sure is a cry-baby, isn’t he?

What, you don’t like being called as a cry-baby?

Well, if the shoe fits…

(or should we say ‘glove’?)

By the way, happy 25th anniversary, OJ!

He was dopey enough to send that tweet on the 25th anniversary of the infamous low-speed ‘chase’ in his white Bronco.

If a little goading by a parody account got to you, you’ll really hate what’s coming next.

He only follows 8 accounts, including Heisman Trophy.

(We couldn’t help but notice the trophy isn’t following him back. To ‘twist the knife’ so to speak.)

Hey OJ, you were once looked up to as a hero, but you blew it. Now, you’re nothing more than an international laughingstock, an object of scorn, and a warning to others of how NOT to live your life.

Deal with it.

And if you’re going to continue with this social media account, you may want to rethink giving explicit threats to strangers. Especially someone with your particular brand of ‘troubled’ history.

Good talk.

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