REPORT: Hackers Will Be Able To Hack You By Listening To You Type

Written by Wes Walker on June 6, 2019

In case hackers didn’t already have enough dirty tricks to play on you, you can now add snooping on you by decoding the noise of your typing.

No, this isn’t a question of using the wrong keyboard. It is being used on cellphones and tablets.

The microphone in the phone itself can be hijacked and used against the users.

In theory, these sound waves can dictate where on a screen a person was tapping, meaning hackers could have access to pins, logins, text messages and other sensitive and private content, the Wall Street Journal reports. So, if hackers were able to access a device’s microphone — they could be privy to messages sent through the phone.

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The research was conducted at the University of Cambridge and Linköping University in Sweden, where scientists were able to recover 27 out of 45 passwords on a phone, and 19 out of 27 passwords on a tablet, all through typing vibrations.

“If right now it’s really hard to imagine anybody deploying these attacks, in the near future they’re definitely going to be there,” study author Ilia Shumailov tells the WSJ.
Source: NYPost

It’s not yet a real threat — but it might be pretty soon.

And, because we know you’re wondering, this particular weakness has been identified on the Android side — iPhone has not been implicated in this particular (potential) vulnerability.

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