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AOC Claims Kellyanne Is ‘SEXIST’ Because Conway Thinks She’s A Nutter

This spat gets pretty weird pretty quickly.

Freshman Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-NY) complained that White House counsellor, Kellyanne Conway, was being “sexist” toward her. The comment was made while Rep. Ocasio-Cortez made reference to a New York Post article with the caption, “Kellyanne Conway mocks ‘huge catfight’ between Pelosi and AOC.”

Watch as Kellyanne Conway calls the spat a “major meow moment”:

As a quick aside, another freshman Congresswoman, Rep. Ayanna Pressley(D-MA) weighed in on Conway’s comment by calling the White House Counsellor “Distraction Becky”. It’s not exactly a racial slur, but it is intended to be derogatory. The name “Becky” is a generic name given to white women to imply that they are uninteresting. It is a reference to the two white girls in the opening of the video for “I Like Big Butts” a song by Sir Mix-a-Lot from the early 1990s.

Did you even remember that Rep. Ayanna Pressley was in Congress? She’s not as memorable as the other three freshman representatives that she hangs with, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. Can you imagine if someone called her “Forgettable Moesha”? There would be hell to pay. But, this chick has the intersectional street cred to call the first woman to run a successful Presidential campaign “Distraction Becky” and that’s just fine. Unbelievable.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said that the term “catfight” is a “sexist term Republicans use when two adult women happen to disagree with each other.” She then makes a dig about the GOP “not electing enough women.”

Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe, called out AOC on the ridiculous claim that a woman is being “sexist” for using the term “catfight.”

AOC decided to retweet Boothe and claim that “the Patriarchy” has no gender.

Ummm…. the word “patriarchy” is derived from the Greek word “patriarkhia” which means “ruling father.” It literally means the “rule of men.”

If we all understood Latin and Greek roots, this wouldn’t be hard to explain.

Good for Lisa Boothe for taking the time to explain to the intellectually challenged AOC what patriarchy means.

But here’s something interesting… back in August of last year, The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro invited her on to debate issues on his one-hour podcast. She called that “catcalling.”

Here’s the full exchange:

Sara Gonzalez of The Blaze reminded her of the incident.

Do you think she’ll even bother to respond?

Seriously, she thinks that the word “catfight” is some sort of “dog whistle” for the Patriarchy, instead of a critique of the very public (and nasty) infighting between the freshman “Democratic Socialist” and the Speaker of the House that is ripping the Democratic party apart by its seams.

But, whatever.

You do you, AOC.

And we see you for who you are. So do some Democrats considering redistricting her right out of a Congressional seat for 2022.

You can see it in her eyes, she’s got big plans for America. Big, psychotic plans.

Plans for putting a stake through the heart of industry, in the name of Democratic Socialism. Plans for dismantling ICE and letting illegals stream over our borders. Plans for outlawing cars, and our burgers. Because otherwise, the world will end in 12 years. And you’d better do it, or else, because she’ll tell ya “I’m The Boss!”

She’s not exactly ‘shelf stable’, but she IS an elected representative. She’s Alexandria Occasio-Cortez: The American Psycho!

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