WATCH: AOC’s On Record AGAIN With Fresh Dose Of ANTI-SEMITISM – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on July 31, 2019

First, the host acknowledges Jewish White supremacy as an oxymoron — and then says it’s a ‘real thing’. Did she correct him? Of course not!

If you’re wondering why Nancy Pelosi stood up in march and denounced the BDM movement as ‘racist’, this conversation between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (‘AOC’) should make it pretty clear.

‘Ebro In The Morning’ host, Ebro Darden set up the question knowing Occasional Cortex was sympathetic to his own position, describing the ‘Palestinian’ (in their terminology or ‘Arab’ as they were called before ) conflict with Israel.

For anyone surprised by the fact that not everyone calls them Palestinians, we’ll come back to that. There’s a little more to the history of that word than we are led to believe. But first, let’s come back to AOC beating on her second-favorite whipping boy — Israel. (Second only to America, it’s people and it’s institutions, from what we can tell.)

Here come all the casual accusations of ‘systematic racism’ … again:

Notice the oxymoron he points to, and the assumptions behind the way they both ‘resolve’ it.

“I wanted you because often on this program, we have the freedom to address the fact that something that, you know people, it’s an oxymoron, how do you have white supremacist Jews?”

“How do you have people like [senior White House advisor] Stephen Miller? How do you have these individuals who are legit aligning with racism and white supremacy, but they’re Jewish?” Ebro continued. “It’s something that most people can’t wrap their brains around, but it’s a real thing. And what’s going on with Israel and Palestine, while it’s very, very deep, it is very, very criminal, it’s very, very unjust.”

“Absolutely,” Ocasio-Cortez responded. “I think, too, where we’re at as a country, when it comes to Israel-Palestine is very much a generational issue, and when we start looking at it through that lens, a lot of the stuff starts to make sense.”

“It’s like what you’re talking about,” she continued. “Young Jews in Israel are sick of this.”
Source: DailyWire

How do you have White Supremacist Jews?

Well, have you considered the possibility you could you be wrong in calling them ‘white supremacists’? That’s ONE way to solve that riddle. And using Occam’s Razor, it is THE way to solve that riddle.

Of course, she hasn’t even considered that possibility.

When her brand of leftist disagrees with someone politically, it’s a simple formula: you don’t ARGUE with their ideas, you slander and destroy them politically.

The ONLY ACCEPTABLE explanation why citizens in Red States and the people they voted for won’t swallow the horse pill of Socialism Leftists so ‘graciously’ offer to shove down our Throats is ‘racism’.

Even Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are ‘White Supremacists’ when these vicious new leftists are flexing their political will. Wouldn’t Lenin and Trotsky be so very proud of their latest disciples?

But the real irony is — as we mentioned at the top of the article — that Pelosi specifically named AOC’s favorite Israel policy as RACIST.

“We must also be vigilant against bigoted or dangerous ideologies masquerading as policy, and that includes BDS,” Pelosi said at AIPAC.
Source: FreeBeacon

AOC plays by some really twisted rules. She expects anyone she accuses of racism to be presumed guilty but expects her own protests of innocence against the same charges to be taken at face value.

Maybe you didn’t get the memo: the presumption of guilt is NOT an American tradition, chica.

Back to their use of ‘Palestine’. The word came into its modern use in the ’60s. It had a different use before that… a geographical one that included ALL residents, including Jewish ones.

Several articles echo the same content as will be cited in this older, partisan piece, but it was succinct and shows the ‘other’ position.

The word Palestine is not even Arabic. It is a word coined by the Romans around 135 CE from the name of a seagoing Aegean people who settled on the coast of Canaan in antiquity – the Philistines. The name was chosen to replace Judea, as a sign that Jewish sovereignty had been eradicated following the Jewish revolts against Rome.

In the course of time, the Latin name Philistia was further bastardized into Palistina or Palestine. During the next 2,000 years, Palestine was never an independent state belonging to any people, nor did a Palestinian people, distinct from other Arabs, appear during 1,300 years of Muslim hegemony in Palestine under Arab and Ottoman rule.

Palestine was and is solely a geographic name. Therefore, it is not surprising that in modern times the name ‘Palestine’ or ‘Palestinian’ was applied as an adjective to all inhabitants of the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River – Palestine Jews and Palestine Arabs alike. In fact, until the 1960s, most Arabs in Palestine preferred to identify themselves merely as part of the great Arab nation or citizens of “southern Syria.”

…Ironically, before local Jews began calling themselves Israelis in 1948 (the name ‘Israel’ was chosen for the newly-established Jewish state), the term ‘Palestine’ applied almost exclusively to Jews and the institutions founded by new Jewish immigrants in the first half of the 20th century, before independence.

At least some of that history (the Roman renaming part) is simply historical fact.

And even for those who argue the Palestinians are the rightful heirs of the region, the “Would Jesus Vote For Trump?” by Doug Giles and Brandon Vallorani.

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