PICTURES: Here’s Pics Of The Innocent Folks Killed In El Paso Massacre

Written by K. Walker on August 5, 2019

Among the victims of the tragic shooting are a U.S. Army veteran, a 15-year old, and a couple of young “hero” parents.

The shooter targeted the super-store at the Cielo Vista Mall, a popular shopping destination for people both sides of the US-Mexico border.

Less than 20 minutes before the shooting, [the shooter] allegedly uploaded a twisted and seething anti-immigrant manifesto to an online forum outlining his sickening motives and revealing that he intended to target Hispanics.

At least 20 people were killed and 26 more were injured before [the shooter] was arrested.

Witnesses have told how [the shooter] displayed no expression as he fired at victims.

Arturo Benavides, 60

Arturo Benavides, 60, was an Army veteran and was well-known in the community after years working as a Sun Metro bus driver.

Benavides’s niece, Jacklin Luna, told Buzzfeed, “He was the person to always give a helping hand, a home to stay, and a meal… He loved each and every one of us in our own ways. Loved oldies on a Sunday morning, sitting out on his chair in the front porch with his dog Milo at his feet.”

Jordan Anchondo, 25, and Andre Anchondo, 24

Jordan Anchondo

Jordan Anchondo, 25, is the hero mom that died while shielding her 2-month old son, Paul, from the bullets. Anchondo’s sister, Leta Jamrowski, was told by officials that the injuries sustained by the baby appear to show that the new mom was holding the newborn and was protecting him. When she was shot, she fell on her son. He has sustained some broken fingers which are being treated, but, thanks to his mother, he is alive.

‘From the baby’s injuries, they said that more than likely my sister was trying to shield him,’ Jamrowski, 19, told the Associated Press.

‘So when she got shot she was holding him and she fell on him, so that’s why he broke some of his bones.

‘He pretty much lived because she gave her life.’

Heartbreakingly, Anchondo’s husband Andre was also killed in the shooting. It is believed that he died attempting to shield his wife and newborn from the gunfire. 

Jordan Anchondo had two daughters from previous relationships in addition to the son she shared with Andre.

The Ancondos were in Walmart that day doing some back to school shopping after dropping off their eldest daughter to cheer practice. They were also picking up decorations for that same daughter’s birthday party later that day. It would be the first time they were having a big event at their new home.

Jordan and Andre Anchondo

A friend of Andre’s said that it is heartbreaking to lose him now, as he had recently turned his life around after battling drug dependence and run-ins with the law.

The friend, Koteiba “Koti” Azzam said: ‘I love the guy. He had the character and the charisma..

Azzam said Anchondo had started a business in El Paso, building things from granite and stone, and made it successful through hard work.

He also was on the verge of completing a home he was building for his family.

Andre Anchondo with his stepdaughters

The couple had recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary on July 30.

Angie Englisbee, 86

Angie Englisbee was a mother and grandmother. Her granddaughter said that she was a strong person and very blunt.

Her son Will Englisbee told CNN that his brother last spoke to their mother by cell phone while she waited in line at Walmart, just minutes before the shooting.

Her granddaughter Mia told the New York Times that Angie had seven children and a son who died in infancy. She raised her children alone after her husband died of a heart attack.

Angie Englisbee

Javier Rodriguez, 15

A photo of Javier was shared by his aunt Elvira Rodriguez on Sunday afternoon asking for information on him — only to follow it up just two hours later confirming his death.

‘Thank you to everybody who helped us search for my nephew. We found him,’ she wrote.

‘I just don’t get why ? I know I’ll never have answers. I’m so confused, hurt, mad!!!!! May you Rest In Peace baby boy!!! We love you so much baby!!!!!’

Javier Rodriguez (right)

Leonardo Campos, Jr.

Leonardo Campos, Jr. was killed in the attack, and it is believed his wife did as well, but this has not yet been confirmed.

A statement to the Monitor said: ‘The PSJA Family is sad to hear reports of the loss of one of our own, PSJA High School Class of 1996 Alum Leonardo Campos, Jr., during yesterday’s tragic shooting in El Paso’.

It is also thought that Campos’ wife was killed in the attack.

A friend posted on Facebook: ‘Leo, you were a great friend and always with a big heart. We are going to miss you brother.’

Leonardo Campos, Jr.

In addition to those residing in the United States, several Mexican citizens were also killed in the attack.

Sara Esther Regalado and Adolfo Cerros Hernández

The children of Sara and Adolfo confirmed on Facebook that their parents had died during the attack.

Adolfo Cerros Hernández and Sara Esther Regalado

Gloria Irma Márquez

The family of Gloria Márquez wrote online: “Gloria was a dedicated mother, grandmother and friend.”

María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe

Maria had gone to  El Paso to pick her daughter up from the airport but had stopped at the Walmart to do some shopping first.

María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe, originally from Chihuahua, was confirmed killed by her sister, who wrote online: ‘It’s something I can’t assimilate’.

Ivan Filiberto Manzano

Mexican officials confirmed that Ivan Filiberto Manzano of Ciudad Juarez was also killed in the attack. He was the father of two children aged five and nine.

Ivan Filiberto Manzano

Elsa Mendoza de la Mora

Elsa Mendoza de la Mora, of the city of Yepomera, was a teacher and principal of Jaime Torres Bodet Elementary School.

Source: Daily Mail

She had gone into the Walmart that day to pick up a few items while her husband and son waited in the car.

Elsa Mendoza de la Mora

All of these lives lost and all the other lives that were affected by this shooting is the tragedy.

While the calls for gun control and finger-pointing goes on all over social media, don’t forget that these were people just going about their daily lives one minute and gone the next.

This shouldn’t be about politics. Remember the people.

Thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton.

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