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Are Leftists REALLY Ready For The ‘Anti-AOC’ Candidate From Illinois?

Has AOC met her match in Catalina Lauf?

What is it that AOC has going for her? She’s a young, high-spirited woman who knows how to command the media’s attention, she was notable for being an up-and-coming minority woman, and her youth, in particular, was a point of difference that set her apart from the septuagenarians running her party.

But now there’s an even younger woman, who is ALSO Latina, ALSO an up-and-comer, a woman who will stand and contradict the many anti-American, anti-rule-of-law, anti-Law enforcement blather that AOC gets away with partly because she speaks as a ‘woman of color’ and many politicians on the right see the ‘racism’ trap waiting for them when they contradict her, and shy away from it.

But this young woman has no reason to fear that trap. She’s got JUST as much right to speak about the situation (by the Left’s crazy race-rules) as AOC. In fact, as the daughter of immigrants, those same ‘rules’ give her even MORE ‘authority’ in weighing in on immigration and the Border Issue.

Catalina Lauf LOVES America and its institutions and isn’t driven by hate for them like the AOC, Rashida and the other Democratic Socialists of America are.

In one portion of that clip, she said:

“I’m a huge free-market conservative, I think that we should have free-market principles, the socialism rhetoric on the other side is so detrimental and so unAmerican that we need to get back to a framework where we are respecting where our Constitution stands as in allowing individual and personal responsibility.

Sounds a Helluva lot better than what they’re shoveling in the 2020 debates, that’s for sure.

Catalina Lauf, a 26-year-old former Trump administration official who just announced a congressional bid in Illinois, says many Hispanic Americans agree with President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the southern border.

Lauf disputes allegations from Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that Trump is racist because he is building a border wall.

“The racism talk has got to end,” Lauf told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney on Tuesday.

“Because we want safe and secure borders and because there should be a process and we should promote legal immigration, how is that illogical to ask?” she said.

“My mother, my family came here in a way that was respecting the laws and I think a lot of Hispanic Americans agree, who have also respected the laws,” Lauf said.

…The Illinoisan’s mother and grandmother came to the United States in the 1980s from Guatemala, which was in the midst of a civil war, according to Lauf’s campaign website. Her father is a small-business owner from the Chicago area.

Lauf, who worked as an adviser in Trump’s Commerce Department, is running to represent the 14th Congressional District, which borders The Windy City.
Source: WesternJournal

Sounds like quite the intelligent and accomplished young woman in her own right.

What can Nancy Pelosi hope to do if her “Trump is racist” ploy falls apart?

Unless she’s got some hail-Mary plan we don’t know about, Trump is a vile racist seems to be the last card up her sleeve. If that flops, and the economy stays stable, there’s a chance her party could be looking at losses on a Reagan/McGovern scale.

Especially if competent young candidates like Catalina Lauf and Dan Crenshaw help shoot some serious holes in the ‘Socialism is awesome’ poison the other side has been selling.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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Wes Walker

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