Hilarious Viral Video DROPKICKS Pro-Abortion Peeps On Their Lack Of LOGIC

Written by K. Walker on September 9, 2019

How does a fetus become a baby with human rights? This video explains it all…

The pro-abortion crowd asserts that a baby in the womb is completely different from a baby outside of the womb. One is a person with human rights and the other is just a “clump of cells.”

So, how does that “clump of cells” get human rights and become human? Through the “magical birth canal” of course!

The popular “scientific theories” on how human rights are granted are all covered in this video.


The video was produced by Choice 4 2 a Canadian pro-life organization that offers counseling services for women who are considering abortion and offer them other options other than terminating the pregnancy. Their belief is that women should understand that they are making a “choice for two” and not just for themselves.

Choice 4 2 also offers assistance for women who are suffering in silence after they have had an abortion.

As the left kicks back against any restriction on abortion, this video that shows exactly how flimsy their case for “abortion on demand, without apology, until the moment of birth” is.

Despite that, blue states are trying to “out-woke” each other by pushing back on red state “heartbeat bills” by extending abortion all the way to 40 weeks.

Preachy Pete Buttigieg, who wants to be President, is suggesting that it’s a Biblical position to support abortion up until the moment of birth.

Sen. Bernie Sanders(I-VT) has suggested that we push for more abortion in “poor” (ie. black and brown) countries, not just here in America, in order to combat climate change.

The left’s current position on abortion has moved far beyond “safe, legal, and RARE” even past “shout your abortion” to abortion advocacy as a means of population control.

Really? Celebrating the deaths of children to possibly keep the planet from heating up 2 degrees Celsius within the next 100 years?

Unborn babies have been completely dehumanized to the folks on the left.

In years to come, “cancel culture” is going to hit these pro-abort ghouls pretty hard. I, for one, think that the reckoning can’t come soon enough.

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