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In One Tweet, Vox ‘Journalist’ Accidentally Gives Perfect Explanation Of Media(D) Bias

It’s an open secret, that anything they can do to damage the reputation of the Right will be published, and anything that might sting the Left will be downplayed.

They’re not even hiding it anymore, they are merely trying to ‘sanitize’ it. The really ‘liberating’ part of that tactic is that context and history don’t really matter. It comes down to one question — can you make your target look bad in the public eye?

And, truth be told, they’re pretty good at it. With a little help from ‘woke’ corporate spenders, Academia, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley propping them up, and spinning baseless rumors into articles of faith.

But if you’re going to play that game, the secret is NOT getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, so to speak.

If you’re going to dog-pile on the Right for every stupid little thing, you need to make sure it ONLY implicates one side.

And that’s where this ‘journalist’ from Vox slipped up.

He thought he saw some way to paint Trump as a bumbling oaf, and he mocked Trump’s Presidential Labor Day proclamation.

This one:

What’s the big deal?

When it was JUST Trump saying it, his audience were expected to read this as a pejorative news story about Trump. But when he found out that HIS team did the same thing, it suddenly stopped being a pejorative news story.

But WHY?

If it was a pejorative news story when Trump did it, it should ALSO be an example of dumbassery on Obama’s part.

If Obama doing it was considered OK, then whatever reason would make Obama’s proclamation OK are equally valid of Trump — and those same arguments should be valid EVEN IF OBAMA HAD NOT DONE IT TOO.

It’s a classic example of what Trump calls ‘Fake News’ and what Mark Levin often calls Pseudo Events.

It was ‘news’ until it stopped being useful to promote his preferred narrative. When that flopped, did it become a lesson to become MORE objective, more professional, and less biased?

Or was his ‘big takeaway’ that he should be more careful not to bring anyone on the LEFT down with any stories he pulls?

Here at ClashDaily, we don’t pretend to be objective journalists. We are openly partisan, it’s right there in our ‘about us’ page.

But we DO make an effort to accurately report our stories. We’ve spiked story ideas that were factually unfair to the people we’ve criticized.

If only the other side would begin doing the same, maybe we wouldn’t have been browbeaten with 2 years of bogus ‘Russia’ stories, and (according to NYT themselves) going into another two years of intentionally-framed “Trump is racist” stories.


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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