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TARGETING MELANIA: The Media(D) And Hollywood Attack The FIRST LADY To ‘OWN’ Trump

Melania Trump has been nothing but exemplary as First Lady, but the left won’t stop with the hate.

The First Lady has been snubbed by designers, completely ignored by magazines, criticized by the press, and cyberbullied by celebrities.

She has been mocked for her accent, what she wears, and her choice in Christmas decor. She has people speculating about the state of her marriage, whether or not her son is on the autism spectrum, and the mental health of her husband. She has been called an abused woman, a gold-digger, and a plagiarist. She had a major CNN personality wonder where she was as she was recovering from minor surgery, speculated that she was having (or wanting to have) an affair with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and has been laughed at for attempting to tackle the problem of cyberbullying.

Despite the bad press, Melania Trump remains quite popular in conservative circles. She is seen as a fashion icon, and despite the attempts for the Media(D) to marginalize her, her simple, clean lines are being adopted by the red carpet crowd and European Royals.

There is no denying, however, that had she been married to a president with a (D) after his name, she would be gracing the covers of magazines and celebrated for her grace and subdued role as First Lady.

She is also now considered one of the least popular First Ladies in modern history.

Gee, why could that be, do you think?

This comes hot on the heels of a YouGov poll that said that the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, is considered to be the most admired woman in the world. She has surpassed Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, and Queen Elizabeth II in popularity worldwide.

Michelle has published a bestseller (with the aid of a ghostwriter) and is riding a massive wave of popularity, largely aided by Hollywood and the Media(D). They LOVE her. Melania… not so much.

Showtime is deliberately leaving Melania Trump out of their new show, First Ladies.

FLOTUS fans were fuming after the announcement was made that former First Lady Michelle Obama would be portrayed in the series. Academy award-winning actress Viola Davis is set to play ex-US President Barack Obama’s wife in the new show. The show will feature a number of former First Ladies, with others being shown including Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford….

…The issue was highlighted by former candidate for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District Chuck Callesto.

He believes the snub could have a big impact on next year’s presidential election.

He wrote on Twitter: “Stuff like this is why we will see a Trump landslide in 2020…”
Source: Express UK

Miranda Devine of the New York Post reviewed a new book out contrasting Melania and Michelle and reveals how the author, Tammy R. Vigil pits the two women against each other. Yes, it’s cliché, but it sells, right? In the book, Melania & Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era Vigil admits that it’s a bit of a problem to compare the women in their roles as FLOTUS, especially since one was First Lady for 8 years and the other is just finishing up the third year. But, she does it anyway.

“Melania & Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era,” by Tammy R. Vigil, is presented as a mere bipartisan assessment of the public images of both women.

But it thinly veils its criticism of one and its admiration of the other. No prizes for guessing who’s who.

The critiques never end where Melania is concerned. Michelle’s disastrous school lunch program? That was praised in the Media(D) even though it revealed her to be an “elitist nanny-stater at heart” according to Devine.

It seems that there is nothing that Melania can do right. Even her expertise in fashion has been questioned. Editor of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, was asked about Melania’s style, and she responded by praising… Michelle’s style.

But that’s not all.

When she visited a hospital after the El Paso massacre and cradled an orphaned baby with a smile, she was slammed for insensitivity.

When she recited the Lord’s Prayer at one of Trump’s rallies, she was branded a “whore.”

Just last week, an entire story ran in Newsweek claiming President Trump had called her to his side like a dog, with three taps on his thigh.

Clearly, since the president has proven impervious to abuse, his enemies want to get at him through his wife.

Melania doesn’t get the credit that she deserves. She speaks 6 languages — Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, German, and Italian. She carries herself with poise and has been charming world leaders and their wives. Growing up in an Eastern Bloc country under communism likely had an effect on her politics.

She is clear about her love of the United States and her own experience may indicate that she shares President Trump’s view in fighting against illegal immigration. However, she’s not pushing policy positions the way that Hillary did with her doomed healthcare policy or Michelle’s aforementioned school lunch program. Melania knows that that’s not her role. She’s quietly doing her own thing, the Be Best campaign to end cyberbullying. And she would know what that’s like having been the subject of it on a regular basis.

But, to some people, she’s nothing but a trophy wife.

…Vigil, a Boston academic, notes that Melania “ranks among the least liked of all modern first ladies, [and her] professional life prepared her to serve more as a visual adornment.”
Source: New York Post

Isn’t it nice that those who are allegedly in the pro-woman crowd are marginalizing a woman simply because of the man that she married?

Why can’t she be judged on her own merits? Because if she was, the Media(D) and Hollywood would be fawning over her, and you can’t have that.

The “resist” crowd might loathe her, but Patriots love her.

K. Walker

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