USEFUL IDIOTS: Why Do Dem And Media Policies Line Up With The NZ Mosque Shooter’s Goals?

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2019

It was a horrific event halfway around the world, but it had massive ripple effects here at home. Not just because ideas spawned some copycats, either.

It may seem like a long time ago already since he shot about 100 people leaving 50 dead, but really, it hasn’t.

It was only March when two separate mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand were attacked during their Friday prayers by one guy with an agenda.

The fact that he was motivated by race is clear. Race and culture seemed intertwined.

But half a world away, the Partisan Press was trying to build a narrative.

Almost immediately, they denounced Islamophobia and White Supremacist violence — which, honestly, is worth denouncing. (We look forward to the day when we see the press denounce OTHER kinds of racially or religiously motivated violence with similar vigor.)

They also proceeded to denounce a great many completely unrelated things like — astonishingly — the NRA. As though the NRA has chapters in Christchurch that were somehow responsible for this guy going rogue.

For anyone who looked at his writings, the KIND of weapons were of no consequence to him — he could just as easily have planted bombs — but there was a clear PSYCHOLOGICAL and PROPAGANDA reason he chose to use firearms to achieve his grotesque objective.

He said as much in his own words.

He was trying to trigger a chain of events in the USA.

Remember — his END goal was racial strife and ultimately open war along American racial divisions. He figured he was able to leverage existing groups to trigger that reaction.

And the HOW matters. Because if we’re not paying attention, we could be moving the ball down the field toward that malevolent POS’s ENDGAME.

His only mention of Trump in his manifesto was to denounce him as a leader.

What was the content of that manifesto?

He claims to have been an ordinary 28 year old lower-middle-class white guy who had a decent family life growing up.

He sees Western Culture imploding and changing the culture of the West because of (a) low birth rates and (b) high immigration.

He was explicitly taking this action with the acknowledged goal of pushing jihadis into an aggressive stance against the West, and triggering open conflict between Islam and the West.

His arguments are couched in ‘blood and soil’ logic that would be familiar to the Third Reich.
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Michael Knowles dedicated a show to addressing the shooter and his manifesto, here.

The killer’s ultimate aim was to get two groups in America to behave according to their instincts… only more so. And the NZ Shooter was hoping that he could stoke the divide so much that a flashpoint was created which could lead, ultimately, to a civil war. In his imagination, it would break down over racial lines.

What are the two groups? The media and Democrats would play their part by going after gun rights in response to killings half a world away. After that, the gun owners would find themselves painted into a corner in a lose-lose situation where hard choices about their Second Amendment rights would have to be made.

(In their rush to over-reach, the Left certainly did not disappoint.)

At some point, he believed that Democrats would go too far in undermining the Second Amendment and the political divide between lawful gun owners and those who hate and distrust them would heat up, leading to civil disobedience… and worse.

Funny thing is, the Media(D) and the Democrats are proceeding perfectly along his ideal glide path WITHOUT any outside help… some of the 2020 Wannabes even openly fantasize about taking guns out of the hands of owners unwilling to part with them.

And they keep stoking racial divisions and bogus claims of racism at every opportunity.

That is EXACTLY the scenario the murderous bastard was hoping would take shape here in America.

And if WE were to destabilize, a lot of other dominoes would go down with us.


A Good Guy With A Gun Chased Shooters From 2nd Mosque Shooting

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