Dave Rubin’s ‘Joker’ Review Takes The Hand-Wringing Lefties To TruthTown

Written by Wes Walker on October 15, 2019

The leftist media struck out on their reporting of this one. What. A. Suprise. And Rubin is here to set them straight.

If you’re expecting a detailed breakdown of the movie itself, you’ve come to the wrong place isn’t your typical how many thumbs up, stars, or tomatoes do I think this movie is worth kind of a movie review.

Rubin is weighing in on how this was being anticipated by the culture, and what the reporting looked like compared to what the film actually delivered.

It helps to remember that this particular line of Rubin’s programming exists for a defined purpose (pay special attention to the second paragraph):

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report gives his reaction to Todd Phillips’ Joker. He discusses the media’s treatment of the film leading up to the release and how mainstream media movie critics got the film and the audience’s reaction to it completely wrong. He also discusses the philosophy of the Joker, the possible political interpretations of Joker and the representations of those who desire nihilism, chaos, and a desire to burn the system down.

The Direct Message segments of the Rubin Report are a chance for Dave Rubin to directly address current events, political news and the topics of the day. Whether it’s encouraging critical thinking, defending free speech, or fending off political correctness, it’s only by having calm rational conversations about these issues that can help de-escalate the political polarization and help heal our democracy.

Rubin directly attacks the assumptions that had been floating around that this film was somehow going to whip up some kind of rabid Right-wingers into some crazed violent frenzy.

You will notice that nothing of the sort actually happened.

But what he DOES note is the violent worldview of the mobs in the film DO have a modern real-life counterpart. Mask-wearing property-destroying Antifa rioters have a real overlap. They are the ones who have adopted chaos and destruction mirroring the nihilism of the Joker’s mob of mask-wearing henchmen.

If the moviegoer accepts that the Joker is a bad guy, you will not emulate him and his nihilism any more than you might emulate Hanibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.

Why does this handwringing concern Rubin?

Because if enough people buy into the bad idea that broken people will act out what they see in movies, it will lead us down the road of censorship.

For the sake of the weak among us, we will be unable to tell the stories that NEED to be told, the ones that hold a mirror to society and tell us how we need to change, or perhaps, how far we’ve come in making life either better or worse.

There are plenty of movies — and books — with uncomfortable content in them that make us think differently about the world around us. Some of them are already being ‘cancelled’ by ‘woke’ culture because they use language that makes people uncomfortable.

Huck Finn comes to mind.
So does To Kill A Mockingbird.

Is that really the world we want to live in?

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