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DEAD LIKE A DOG: Another ISIS Bigwig Dispatched To Dante’s Easy Bake

The body count is rising as ISIS leaders are becoming Was-Was.

And Trump is happy to keep Tweeting the wonderful news!

(And yes, dear leftists, confirmed reports dead ISIS terrorist leaders are ALWAYS good news, no matter HOW impressed you might be by their ‘scholarly’ pursuits.)

The Pentagon referred questions about the tweet to the White House, which did not immediately provide additional information when contacted by Military Times. The State Department also did not provide comment on the record to Military Times.

It’s unclear who Trump was specifically referring to, however, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that ISIS’s spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir was killed in a strike in northeast Syria. An anonymous U.S. official told the Journal that al Muhajir “would have been one of the potential successors” to al-Baghdadi.

Syrian Democratic Forces, the anti-ISIS coalition the U.S. has backed, also announced Sunday that al-Muhajir was dead. Mazloum Abdî, the commander of the SDF, said Sunday he “was targeted in a village named Ein al Baat near Jaraboul city, the mission was conducted via direct coordination of SDF Intel & US military.”
Source: AirForceTimes

We are also happy to report fresh humiliating details about how al-Baghdadi was captured and killed. He was betrayed by an insider.

An insider made off with a nasty pair of the doomed leader’s used underwear. From the skid marks, sweat, or whatever other nastiness they found on his nasty used tighty-whities, we got a reliable DNA sample by which to confirm his death. The insider also gave us a room-by-room layout of the place he was hiding out.

SDF commander General Mazloum Abdi claimed the spy was able to describe the ISIS leader’s compound on the Turkish border, including the number of guards, floor plan and tunnels.

…The US spies wanted confirmation and so to prove their source was real and had access to the ISIS leader’s safe house, his underwear and later a sample of his blood were stolen.

The underwear was stolen about three months ago and the blood sample roughly a month ago.

Once these were confirmed as belonging to Baghdadi, the planning for the top secret raid began.

General Mazloum said the source was taken to see Baghdadi and told to lie flat when he was being driven.

But he was still able to pick out landmarks during the journey and to see the general area he was being transported through, which helped to pinpoint the ISIS leader’s location.
Source: Sun


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