Jesus Calls His Boys SALT, Not Little Sugar Cubes

Written by Doug Giles on October 23, 2019

Jesus didn’t come whispering sweet platitudes, his words were meant to hit believers AND unbelievers with the force of a fist to the face.

And his Salt and Light message was no different. He’s not here blowing sunshine up our butts. It was a call to action.

There’s something about salt and light that he wants us to embrace and own.

Salt. What’s it good for?

Not only was it prized and highly valuable — even a form of payment — entire civilizations were built around it, and wars were fought over it.

Salt deficiencies in the soldiers of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow led to suceptibility of disease.

When you ‘get it’, the words YOU ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH takes on a whole other meaning.

You, and your life are of enormous consequence to the world around you.

But if you lose your saltiness, and descend into milquetoast do-nothing churchianity– yikes.

What does salt do? What is it good for? How are we supposed to be LIKE him in our ‘saltiness’?

I’m glad you asked.

I’ve got three big takeaways for ya.

But I gotta warn ya, before you press play, it’s dangerous stuff for the comfortable believer in rose-colored glasses to hear.

Because it might just change your life:

No more bland Christianity.

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